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Hongte laser cutting machine has to mention the leading technology

by:VENTECH     2022-01-31

  In recent years, the application of laser cutting machines has become more and more popular. With the increase of domestic laser cutting machine manufacturers and the increasingly fierce market competition in the domestic laser industry, many laser cutting machine companies have begun to seek new outlets. A group of leading domestic laser processing brands represented by FARLEY•LASERLAB Hongte represent China's advanced laser manufacturing technology and move towards the international high-end market. FARLEY•LASERLAB Hongte laser cutting machine has leading technology, integrated structural design, efficient production efficiency, high speed, high precision, high quality and high stability. It is suitable for plates of different materials and thicknesses, and can meet different processing needs. . Hongte has become a veritable 'laser cutting expert' in the field of sheet metal processing by virtue of its leading technical advantages.

  Hongte laser cutting machine's leading technical advantages● The process database is based on a powerful expert database system with many years of cutting experience. Each material is equipped with standard cutting, standard perforation, corner control, slope adjustment perforation, marking, Multiple sets of processing data, such as film burning, small hole cutting, small hole perforation, etc., are simple and convenient to operate.  ● Nozzle cleaning   During the cutting process, the nozzle cleaning is automatically performed. After the cleaning is completed, continue processing and cutting.  ●  high-speed perforation    a variety of high-efficiency perforation processes, with '0' second perforation without deceleration cutting function.  ● Return function    can make the machine turn off the laser and retreat to the imperfect cutting place along the original processing path, and then perform forward cutting, effectively avoiding the scrap of processed parts.  ● Automatic Edge Patrolling  The system can automatically calculate the angle between the plate and the machine coordinate, and then rotate the coordinate system to process the plate, eliminating the need for traditional plate calibration process and improving production efficiency.  ● sheet nesting layout   makes the programming of complex parts programs very simple, smooth, simple to operate, and powerful.  ● Gantry type dual-drive structure  The cutting area is completely enclosed, with working area lighting, beam bilateral drive structure, reasonable design, high rigidity, good stability, high control accuracy, suitable for high-speed and high-performance laser cutting machines.  ● Airborne beam   Airborne gantry beam structure, using large cross-section double-bracket steel frame beam. The beam has high rigidity, good machine stability and acceleration performance, and good dynamic performance. It is specially used for the structure of ultra-wide laser cutting machine.  ● Synchronous exchange table   is equipped with a patented high-speed, bilateral synchronously driven exchange table. The two tables can be exchanged at the same time. It only takes 10 seconds to complete an exchange, which greatly improves production efficiency. ● The convenient and fast handheld unit uses Profibus to communicate with the NCU, with few connections, and high reliability. The integrated digital input, digital output, digital potentiometer signal, hand-operated pulse generator and other handheld operating systems can realize machine tool operation functions and machine tool return. Real-time fine-tuning of laser power, auxiliary gas pressure, tracking height, focus position and other parameters such as zero, height following, cutting action, retreat, machine tool movement, etc.  ● Cutting status monitoring   The system automatically monitors the contamination status of the cutting head collimator, focusing lens, protective lens and other optical lenses, and automatically alarms.  ● Automatic loading and unloading system  The manipulator device is composed of an automatic hoist with a vacuum suction cup, which can suck up sheets by sheet, and is equipped with an automatic sheet splitting device and a sheet thickness detection device. The finished parts are unloaded and stacked as a whole, and the sorted waste frames are automatically stacked.  ● Intelligent Logistics and Warehousing  The system includes automated three-dimensional warehouses, system management software, barcode recognition and tracking systems, handling and palletizing robots, conveying systems and other products.

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