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Hongte fiber laser cutting machine, a sharp tool for sheet metal processing

by:VENTECH     2022-02-01

Sheet metal processing is closely related to our lives. Almost all manufacturing industries cannot do without sheet metal processing. As China has become more and more an international processing and manufacturing center, coupled with the continuous increase of foreign investment, the demand for metal finishing capabilities has continued to increase, and the electrical control boxes and machine casings in the metal processing industry are generally sheet metal. The demand for sheet metal processing capabilities has also continued to increase.

In the field of sheet metal cutting, laser cutting technology can be perfectly and effectively applied from micron-level ultra-thin plates to tens of millimeters thick plates. In a sense, laser cutting machines are Sheet metal processing has brought about a technological revolution.

Today, when the 'flexible manufacturing' method is being vigorously promoted, the sheet metal parts industry is transitioning from mass production to flexible small batch and diversified production methods. Laser cutting has a high degree of flexibility and cutting speed. Fast, high production efficiency, short product production cycle, laser technology can quickly adapt to multiple materials, multiple shapes and sizes, and win a wide range of markets for customers.

Laser processing advantages

lLaser cutting has no cutting force and processing without deformation;

l No tool wear, good material adaptability;

l Regardless of whether it is a simple or complex part, it can be cut with a precision rapid prototyping by laser at one time;

l The slit is narrow, the cutting quality is good, the degree of automation is high, the operation is simple, the labor intensity is low, and there is no pollution;

l It can realize cutting and automatic layout and nesting, which improves the utilization rate of materials, and has low production costs and good economic benefits.

For many years, Hongte Hongte has been committed to providing higher-end and high-quality processing methods for the sheet metal industry. The fiber laser cutting machine produced by Hongte Hongte is even the best among laser cutting machines.

SC3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

lWorld-class positioning speed

lThe rapid traverse speed is greater than 140m/min, and the maximum can reach 169m/min

l Dynamic response acceleration 2.0G

l German standard manufacturing accuracy Positioning accuracy: 0.05 (full process)

l Repeatability: 0.03

l High output per unit time, 6KW linear cutting can be as fast as 90m/min, and the worktable exchange time is less than 20 seconds,

l Humanized quick operation interface, optional automatic material storage

lIntelligent management: provide mes data collection, docking with ERP production management system

SC3015 fiber laser cutting machine has always been a hot-selling model among Hongte plane cutting machines. It has a database of experts accumulated for more than 40 years. It has fast acceleration and high precision, and can meet carbon steel, stainless steel and other metals. The cutting demand of the plate is an ideal choice for the processing of medium and thin plates.

SuperCut super bright series laser cutting machine

With the most cutting-edge laser technology and advanced machine tool design concepts, Hongte Hongte launched the SuperCut ultra-bright laser cutting machine according to the different needs of customers, upgrading the basic configuration from laser to cutting head, high quality Efficiently solve the problems of super-thick stainless steel and aluminum alloy plate cutting section quality, slagging and excessive cutting cone. At the same time, the cutting of medium and thin plates can be switched at will, and there is no worries about it. It is widely used in sheet metal processing, mechanical manufacturing, Locomotive manufacturing, and other industries.

my country's economy has entered the 'new normal' of medium-to-high speed development in the process of transformation and upgrading. More and more traditional industries rely on laser processing technology to improve the processing quality of products or solve problems that cannot be solved by traditional processing methods and processes. For difficult problems, Hongte Hongte is committed to providing solutions for the entire laser industry chain under the background of intelligent manufacturing through continuous technological accumulation, and creating more value for customers!

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