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High-quality kitchenware cannot do without laser processing

by:VENTECH     2022-02-19

The key to creating high-quality kitchen equipment is its manufacturing process. For kitchen equipment, diversified and high-efficiency laser cutting machines have unique advantages in the processing of kitchen equipment.

The kitchen equipment industry contains a wide variety of products, ranging from hoods and stoves to small pots and pans. They are basically made of stainless steel. The key to creating high-quality kitchen equipment lies in its manufacturing. Craft. The traditional processing of kitchen equipment is mainly based on numerical control punches, which can only be formed with multiple processes such as polishing and shear bending. This processing method has low efficiency, high mold consumption, and high cost of use. The shortcomings of kitchen equipment manufacturers have been plagued by kitchen equipment manufacturers.

For kitchen equipment, there are many kinds of sheet metal parts, and the products are updated quickly. Therefore, the diversified and high-efficiency laser cutting machine has unique advantages in the processing of kitchen equipment.

Huagong Laser MARVEL6000 series CNC fiber laser cutting machine, introducing world-class CNC system and servo motor, integrated independent research and development of dedicated laser cutting operating system, the operation is more flexible, can complete any shape of plate cutting, not only the processing speed Fast, high efficiency, low cost, and no mold or tool change is required, which shortens the preparation time period.

The most important point is that the laser cutting machine has high cutting accuracy, smooth section, no stress deformation, eliminating the need for secondary processing of kitchenware sheet metal, and improving the yield of kitchen equipment, which is truly effective Improve the product quality and production cycle, save more costs for the company, and ensure the product's price advantage.

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