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golden spot launched low cost wire mesh welding machine, suitable for precise wire mesh making.

by:VENTECH     2020-03-05
Taichung City, Taiwan, November 18, 2010--(PR. com)--
GSA-gold wire mesh welder
The 80 is equipped with a precise spot welding system that helps adjust the rising cylinder, electrode and fixture according to the wire spacing, and this system can also set the welding time and current strength for each individual point. GSA-
80 automatic wire mesh welding machine with automatic wire-carrying trolley with Hopper for pre-loadingcut wires.
The system can not only automatically supply power and receive wires, but also realize perfect pulling wires.
The length and length are limited according to your requirements.
In addition, this automatic welding machine is equipped with a servo motor and clamp to adjust the required spacing and bring the welding mesh to the next workstation.
It is worth mentioning that the control system of GSA-
GSA-80 automatic screen welding machine
80 adopt men-
Windows-based machine interface for P. L.
C. All parameters and graphics can be set on the screen monitor.
Simple operation and convenient maintenance.
This welder also has space saving, highspeed and High-productivity(0. 6sec/line).
Especially suitable for higher production of standard mesh size.
Wire shelves, display racks, wire baskets, trolleys, kitchenware, animal cages, storage racks, material containers, grills and various wire products that we can find on the market, this screen welder can make everything.
Another highly acclaimed low-cost welder designed by Golden spot is GSA-80M Semi-
Full automatic screen welding machine. This semi-
The automatic welding machine has to feed the wire manually, but it also has a cross automatic Hopperwires as GSA-80.
Easy to operate and maintain GSA
Besides, it is characterized by economy and space. saving.
In addition, the welding machine can also produce various grids.
Especially suitable for making photo frames. GSA-
The application of 80m includes supermarket shelf divider, storage system shelf, wire shelf, display rack, iron basket, trolley, kitchenware, animal cage, storage rack, material container, grill, etc.
Gold Point equipment and machinery are generally adjusted according to the needs of customers.
Specific requirements.
Therefore, they can provide a wide range of technical solutions to meet the different requirements in the production of welded mesh.
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