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Gantry VS Cantilever? This is how you choose a fiber laser cutting machine!

by:VENTECH     2022-01-30

Gantry laser cutting machine and cantilever laser cutting machine are currently the two most widely used optical fiber cutting machines.

The characteristic of the cantilever fiber laser cutting machine is that the entire screen does not move during the processing, and the laser cutting head moves at a high speed along the axis of the workpiece, and the cutting efficiency is high.

The characteristic of the gantry fiber laser cutting machine is that the laser cutting head does not move, and the screen is indexed at the same rotation and moving along the axis relative to the laser cutting head. The advantage is that the overall rigidity of the machine tool is good and the laser output is stable.

Although the cantilever structure and the gantry structure have their own advantages, in recent years, there have been fewer laser cutting machines for the cantilever structure. Because under the cantilever structure, the beam will deform under the load, which is called deflection (as shown in the figure below). In fact, there are not a few manufacturers who adopted the cantilever structure in the early days. They mainly solved the deflection problem of the cantilever beam by increasing the cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe beam. But in recent years, as the laser cutting machine has entered the 100-meter era (moving speed 100m/min), simply increasing the cross-sectional area not only can not solve the problem, but also creates new problems: the laser cutting machine has the characteristics of high movement speed, high acceleration, and high dynamics. , It is required to reduce the weight of the beam, and brings about the problem of dynamic deflection, that is, the deformation of the cutting trajectory at the distal end of the cantilever beam.

The deflection problem caused by the cantilever structure

Therefore, with the development of high-speed, high-speed, and high-stability laser processing applications and the development and improvement of control technology, the gantry laser cutting machine equipment has developed rapidly in recent years, and with its unique structure The advantage has become the mainstream model in the world at present, and it is also the structure type adopted by many well-known brand laser cutting machine manufacturers such as Huagong Laser.

Laser cutting machines with gantry structure have two motion modes. For large-format, high-speed and high-performance laser cutting machines, bilateral drives are usually used to ensure that the beam is balanced in force and the beam runs synchronously. However, the unilateral drive will have problems such as asymmetrical force on the two ends of the beam, the synchronization accuracy will be affected, and the dynamic performance of the machine tool will be poor.

The MARVEL6000 series CNC fiber laser cutting machine of Huagong Laser adopts the gantry double-drive structure type: it has the characteristics of stable structure, good rigidity and high speed. Its X, Y single-axis positioning speed can reach 100m. /min above, and the dual-drive acceleration at the same time makes the maximum acceleration of X and Y single axis reach 2G.

At present, the laser cutting machine with gantry double-drive structure in China has been widely used in sheet metal, hardware, steel structure, engineering machinery, advertising and other industries. The MARVEL6000 series is laser cutting by major manufacturers. The best choice for equipment that needs to be upgraded.

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