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Future development trend of laser cutting machine industry

by:VENTECH     2022-01-13

Laser cutting, welding and surface treatment have evolved into an advanced production technology. At present, my country’s laser processing industry is making great strides forward. The high-tech laser Nouns have changed from sci-fi movie nouns to the most powerful social productive forces. 'Highly developed

Technology to achieve industrialization' has become a reality in China's laser processing industry.

The construction of innovation base is the guarantee for the sustainable development of laser technology industrialization. From the 'Sixth Five-Year Plan' to the 'Ninth Five-Year Plandevelop. At present, the development speed of laser technology and industrialization in the world is extremely fast.

For laser cutting machines and welding machines, lasers, optical devices, light guide systems and laser processing equipment supporting parts,

Continuously provide new technologies, new designs and new prototypes, focusing on the development and production of high-power fiber lasers, fully solidified YAG lasers, new mobile laser processing machines and composite laser welding technology. The specific measures are as follows:

(1) Establish industry common technology research platform for automotive sheet cutting and welding; metallurgical steel roll wide-band heat treatment, surface cladding ,

Steel belt laser welding complete equipment and laser texturing equipment in the metallurgical industry; laser processing of underground oil pipes in the petroleum industry. Solve the key

Localization, serialization, generalization and standardization of common technologies and supporting equipment.

(2) Establish a new type of laser research and development platform ①Improve the domestic high-power fiber laser by introducing foreign fiber laser technology

The production capacity and product quality, on the basis of digestion and absorption, continue to introduce high-quality, high-stability, high-power optical fiber lasers.

Focus on the development of radio frequency excitation, axial fast flow, and optical fiber lasers above 10,000 watts. ②Develop high-power, multi-wavelength solid-state lasers

(>1kW), 100-1000W diode-pumped solid-state lasers and ultraviolet-band solid-state lasers. Focus on the development of pump modules, and strive to establish a more comprehensive DPSSL production base in China.

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