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Four suggestions for buying a laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2021-12-14

Four suggestions for buying a laser cutting machine

1. Does the laser cutting machine manufacturer have their own production capabilities? In general, you can investigate the quality and quantity of the laser cutting machine customers of this manufacturer. Among them, the laser cutting machine should choose a high-power laser cutting machine with an annual output of high-power cutting thick sheet metal materials. Because many small companies only sell a few units a year, they may stop production and close at any time, which has a great impact on after-sales.

Second, the price of the laser cutting machine does not meet the market price. The prices of common laser cutting machines on the market are usually within a certain range. If the price is high, you must talk to the manufacturer. If the price is lower than this price, it may be inferior, second-hand or refurbished, or it may be a fake laser cutting machine. Especially if you can buy hundreds of thousands of high-power machines, it is the temptation to poison apples. Don't fall into it.

3. Can the relevant customer service respond positively? If a manufacturer pats your chest and tells you that there is an office where you have after-sales service. As a customer, you can go to the site to inspect it. Otherwise, if there is no local office or after-sales department, you cannot repair it in time if there is a problem in the future. Only wait 2-3 days to repair the equipment, which will cause much loss to your company.

Four. Does the salesperson boast that he has damaged his peers? Suppose that when a customer encounters a salesperson from a laser cutting machine manufacturer, he always verbally reveals the weaknesses and shortcomings of the machines of his peers in the exchanges, and he is always improving the strengths and character of his own machine, then, yes You have to be careful with this salesperson, maybe he is hiding the biggest problem with his machine.

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