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For nozzle cutting of plastic parts, laser cutting machine is more suitable

by:VENTECH     2022-01-19

The plastic nozzle refers to the joint between the frame and the parts formed when the factory casts the model. Some people may be unfamiliar with this, but for the injection molding industry, plastic nozzles are familiar words. In the injection molding industry, injection molded parts generally produce plastic nozzles after molding, which affects the normal use of the whole, so it needs to be removed. The cutting energy of the nozzle becomes an essential step. In the past two years, laser cutting machines have become a new way of cutting plastic nozzles.

The product quality of injection molded parts is affected by many factors, such as poor nozzle processing, which often affects product quality. The reason is that when the nozzle is cut off, if an improper processing tool is selected, it is very easy to cause problems such as high and low cut and whitening deformation, which directly affect the quality of the product. The use of nozzle laser cutting machine can avoid the above problems to a large extent. The products cut by nozzle laser cutting machine have smooth edges without burrs, neat shapes and no curling problems, which greatly reduces the production of defective products, and has been praised by many businesses. It has been well received, and has gradually been widely used in the cutting of plastic parts.

The cutting requirements of the nozzle are relatively high, and the integrity of the model must be guaranteed, so Relatively high requirements for the nozzle cutting machine, and the nozzle laser cutting machine is performed by irradiating the material with a high-energy laser beam, so that the material is heated to achieve the cutting effect. It is suitable for various special-shaped cutting of plastic materials, and the cutting shape is regular and has no deviation.

Recommended models

The nozzle laser cutting machine mainly Suitable for: plastic nozzle cutting, injection molding material cutting, wood, rubber, acrylic and other non-metallic materials cutting.

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