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For lace cutting, choose a visual positioning laser cutting machine.

by:VENTECH     2021-12-28

Lace is generally used in clothing, underwear, and home textiles. The lace design will bring a sense of hierarchy and design to the product. Lace elements have been regarded as timeless designs for many years. It is applied to various products by designers. Lace is common in summer underwear. Winter home textiles are also inseparable from the splicing of lace, which is applied to clothing to create a sense of sweetness. The lace on the home textile adds an unexpected charm to the home. The lace in people’s eyes is beautiful and tempting. However, do you know how it is cut out?

Nowadays, the laser cutting machine is commonly used for lace cutting. It is not an ordinary lace cutting machine. The lace laser cutting machine is equipped with a visual positioning system, which can automatically identify the edge of the lace, automatically locate and cut along the edge, which can improve The cutting efficiency of lace can ensure the integrity of the lace without worrying about the high breakage rate caused by cutting errors.

Lace laser cutting machine is also called visual positioning laser cutting machine, it is specially developed for printing fabric cutting A model that overcomes the low efficiency and error-prone problems of the traditional cutting process. It can be equipped with an automatic feeding system. The machine automatically recognizes and cuts throughout the process without manual intervention. It realizes a high degree of intelligence in lace cutting.

Recommended models

Lace laser cutting machine is mainly used for: lace cutting, printing fabric cutting, digital printing applique cutting, embroidery lace cutting and other kinds of fabric engraving hollowing Automatic edge finding and cutting.

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