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Fiber laser cutting machine to create safe food machinery

by:VENTECH     2022-02-19

Food machinery is one of the products that come into direct contact with it during the food production process, and its quality directly affects food safety. A few days ago, the Anhui Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision found that 4 groups of food processing machinery were unqualified, and the overall unqualified rate of random inspections was nearly 20%. Prior to this, the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision also carried out a random inspection of commercial food processing equipment products, randomly inspecting 31 batches of commercial food processing equipment products, and 10 batches were unqualified, with a disqualification rate of 32.3%.

How many of the commodities produced by these unqualified machines have been purchased by consumers and consumed by consumers can no longer be estimated. The quality of food machines directly affects food safety and is even more related to people's health.

For a long time, my country's food machinery industry has been facing an embarrassing situation of small but scattered, large but not refined, and the core technology of products is difficult to compete with developed countries. To be invincible in the international market, food production must be mechanized, automated, specialized, and large-scale, free from traditional manual labor and workshop operations, and improve hygiene, safety, and production efficiency.

Compared with traditional processing technology, fiber laser cutting machine has outstanding advantages in food machinery production. Traditional processing methods require multiple links such as mold opening, stamping, plate shearing, bending, etc. The low work efficiency, large mold consumption, and high cost of use have severely hindered the pace of innovation and development of the food machinery industry.

The application of laser processing in food machinery has the following advantages:

1. Safety and hygiene: Laser cutting is a non-contact processing, so it is very clean and hygienic, suitable for food machinery production; 2. The cutting seam is fine: the cutting seam of laser cutting is generally 0.10~0.20mm; 3. Smooth cutting surface: The laser cutting surface has no burrs and can cut various thicknesses of plates, and the cut surface is very smooth, without secondary processing to build high-end food machinery; 4. Fast speed, effectively improving the production efficiency of food machinery; 5 , Suitable for the processing of large products: The mold manufacturing cost of large products is very high. Laser cutting does not require any mold manufacturing, and it can completely avoid the collapse formed during material punching and shearing, which greatly reduces the production cost and improves the cost of food machinery. Grade. 6. Very suitable for the development of new products: Once the product drawings are formed, laser processing can be carried out immediately, and the physical objects of the new products can be obtained in the shortest time, which effectively promotes the upgrading of food machinery. 7. Material saving: Laser processing adopts computer programming, which can cut products of different shapes, maximize the utilization rate of materials and reduce the production cost of food machinery.

In the future, domestic food machinery products and food machinery manufacturing technology will better reflect informatization, digitization, refinement, high-speed, and automation, and continue to catch up with foreign advanced levels. In this process, the Falile laser cutting machine will be obliged to help the food machinery industry move from 'Made in China' to 'Created in China


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