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Fiber laser cutting machine provides convenience for chassis and cabinet manufacturers

by:VENTECH     2022-01-26

You must be no stranger to the computer room full of server cabinets. You may not have been there in person, but you will see it on the Internet. With the advent of the 5G era, with the deepening of cloud computing and cloud storage, the explosive growth of data has brought massive storage and access requirements. The server industry will usher in stable and lasting growth, which means that server cabinets will also Usher in a new round of growth. Fiber laser cutting machine provides convenience for cabinet manufacturers!

The server cabinet is composed of multiple sheets of metal. As we all know, the fiber laser cutting machine is especially suitable for the cutting and hollowing of sheet metal. It has a high degree of flexibility, fast cutting speed, good quality, no cutting force, no deformation, and good material adaptability. No matter it is a simple or complex shape, it can be quickly cut into shape. For server cabinets that are increasingly pursuing, small batches, multiple varieties, and fast processing, fiber laser cutting machines have become the winning 'weapon.'

Advantages of laser processing of sheet metal

Laser processing does not require mold opening and Different designs of molds can save a lot of production costs;

Laser processing has high flexibility and unlimited graphics. Regardless of simple or complex shapes, it can be cut by laser at one time, and it can also realize automatic cutting. Layout and nesting improve the utilization rate of materials;

Laser processing has fast cutting speed, high precision, flat and smooth cutting edges, and no burrs, which reduces the defect rate of products and shortens the production cycle of products;


The laser cutting machine does not produce chemical substances harmful to the human body and the environment, and meets the national environmental protection requirements. Reduce environmental pollution and help server cabinet manufacturers to promote the optimization of the working environment.

Many people think that the cabinet is just a cabinet for storing servers, but this is not the case! The cabinet systematically solves the problems of server dust and heat dissipation, a large number of cable laying and management of large-capacity power distribution, and full compatibility with equipment from different manufacturers, so that the server can run in a highly stable environment. It can be said that an efficient and safe cabinet management system is no less important than the server itself. Compared with traditional processing methods, the laser cutting process has excellent adaptability and flexibility to provide more room for the design of server cabinets, and it also makes it easier for manufacturers to customize non-standard customers! Meet the increasingly diverse needs of server cabinets!

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