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Falile teaches you how to choose a laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-02-01

'Workers who want to do well must first sharpen their tools'. Buying a laser cutting machine is a big deal. The quality of a laser cutting machine directly affects the cutting quality of future products. When buying a laser cutting machine, in addition to the need Considering the price of laser cutting machine, the quality of laser cutting machine, etc., what other factors need to be considered? Falile has summarized the following points for you:

First, when we buy a laser cutting machine, we must understand what kind of material the machine can cut, the thickness that can be cut, and whether its format can meet the size of the plate that we need to process. What kind of specific products are produced and processed, so that we can choose the right laser cutting machine according to our needs.

Second, whether the strength of the laser cutting machine manufacturer is large enough, you can visit the factory of the manufacturer on the spot to understand the number of users of the manufacturer's laser cutting machine, and choose a strong manufacturer. Because some leather bag companies sell a few units a year, they won't produce laser cutting machines in a few years, and customers can't find a maintenance manufacturer after buying the equipment for a few years.

Third, you must understand the performance, cutting speed, accuracy, processing efficiency, cutting effect, etc. of the laser cutting machine. This can be seen through proofing. Before deciding to buy a laser cutting machine, you must ask the manufacturer For proofing, the machine with good actual cutting effect is naturally our first choice for purchasing equipment.

Fourth, the stability of laser cutting machine performance. How to complete customer orders with quality and quantity is the basis for choosing a laser cutting machine with stable performance.

Fifth, after-sales service. In the process of using the laser cutting machine, it is inevitable that you will encounter some problems, so high-quality after-sales service is particularly important. Instead of choosing products with low prices and no after-sales guarantee, it is better to choose machinery and equipment with excellent performance, high stability and high-quality after-sales service.

It can be seen that there are a lot of factors to consider when you want to buy a suitable laser cutting machine. Choosing Falile can avoid these troubles. We carefully understand your needs and choose the most suitable laser cutting machine for you; We have rich experience and a 40-year brand history; we have strong technology and have won an authoritative award; we insist on 'quality first, service first' to provide you with professional and complete laser cutting solutions.

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