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Fabric laser cutting machine price

by:VENTECH     2022-02-16

Laser cutting machines are widely used in fabric cutting, not only can solve the conventional fabric cutting process, fabric punching, hollowing and other processes can also be easily solved. The application of laser technology on fabrics has matured. Of course, with the popularity of laser machines in the fabric industry, the price has also undergone major changes. From the high price of fabric laser cutting machine when it first went on the market, to the purchasing power that almost everyone now has, the price of fabric laser cutting machine is no longer unattainable.

Of course, the current price is still concerned by many people. Today, I will introduce our family in detail. The price composition of the fabric laser cutting machine. First of all, its work surface determines its price. The conventional work surfaces of the Zhite laser cutting machine are: 600*400mm, 900*600mm, 1300*1000mm, 1600*1000mm, 1600*1000mm, 1300*2500mm, 1600*3000mm, etc. Different specifications, the larger the tabletop, of course, the higher the price. After all, the price difference between a small machine with a size of 0.6*0.4m and a fabric laser cutting bed with a size of 1.6*3m is understandable. The overall price is about 2.2W~6.5W. Secondly, the price of one head and two heads and four cutting heads are different. The price of each cutting head differs by about 3,000 yuan. Finally, the core accessories The choice of laser is different, and the price is also slightly different. Of course, the above is explained from the big point. From the small point, every accessory such as a screw, machine frame, lens, etc., and the manufacturer’s after-sales service are all It is closely related to the price of fabric laser cutting machine. Don't ask why your machine is more expensive than others? Expensive naturally makes sense. There is naturally a difference in quality between 20 yuan clothes and 2,000 yuan clothes.

The editor often meets many customers, and rushes to the sentence 'Your fabric-cutting machine has a lot of money''???' The editor looked dumbfounded. How much size do I need to cut? How many countertops are needed? How much power is needed? How many heads? You need to confirm with us before you can quote the final detailed price. If you are interested in the price of fabric laser cutting machine, please contact our business manager for the final detailed quotation.

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