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envisioning the face of the customer: so fast creates products that satisfy end users.

by:VENTECH     2020-02-27
Visit so fast that you realize that you have arrived at an ordinary logistics company.
When the staff in a white polo shirt hurried outside the office, the place was full of animation.
The smiling receptionist greeted you with a hair net and slippers.
You put on these clothes, shuffle from reception to the right warehouse, and hesitate to look down, for fear that the gloss of the polished green felt may make a man in a suit and hair net[
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Soon, the enthusiastic president of Ito Hui Yi greeted you.
He confirmed your original impression: it\'s different to be so fast.
You praise him on spic. and-
Cross the warehouse, he corrects you.
Not a warehouse, but a factory.
This correction points to the core of the company\'s philosophy and success.
So fast, the goods will not be simply stored before shipping.
Instead, it \"creates\" products in order to be shipped to consumers.
The pillar of this factory is the worker, not the machine.
Creation includes making packages, preparing instructions for flyers, packaging, shipping and return methods.
So Fast employees are not only creators, but also problem solvers.
In other logistics companies, warehouse management is layered with supervisors, managers, assistant managers and workers.
The people at the work site are ranked at the bottom.
Their question is not why, but to do or die.
This is a feudal world.
By contrast, such a quick practice of \"total factory-floor control. \" Ito explains.
\"There was a problem at the work site.
Therefore, the people on the website are the first to identify these problems and the first to be able to propose solutions. So on-
The construction workers are at the top of the totem pole.
We try to incorporate their ideas.
Their knowledge of their contributions makes them dynamic.
An advantage of the total factory
Floor Control is obvious: the ability to implement improvements quickly.
In a general warehouse company, a proposal takes weeks to get on the chain of command, and it may take months before the instructions are sent from the front desk.
In addition to the rigid vertical structure, the Japanese warehousing company overemphasized the cost reduction.
If a system is cheap, they will think it is enough.
This deep-rooted, ubiquitous belief kills the idea of innovation in its infancy.
If creative solutions cost a little money, they will be resisted.
At this point, it is also different to be so fast.
\"Logistics companies must remember the face of the end user when working,\" Ito stressed . \".
He reiterated the concept that the warehouse is a factory.
\"In order for customers to grow, logistics companies must create products that satisfy end users.
It must understand the importance of this. \" [
Slightly] Illustrations
Ito is an innovator in the logistics industry.
He works in the legendary parcel Yamato Transport
Until he is responsible for the delivery company of the entire road transport system.
But after 23 years at Yamato, in 2002 and middle age, he resigned and left alone, setting up such a fast limited company
A logistics company with a warehouse on the island of black island in Tokyo, close to Haneda Airport and Tokyo port.
From the beginning, he avoided the automated warehouse. to-the-
Minutes tracking system with simple low level support
Cost system to provide fast and accurate delivery with minimal customer complaints.
He likes to play David in front of giants like Mitsui warehouse. , Ltd.
His agility, low profilecost, end-user-
The logistics-oriented approach makes hand tours so fastin-
Gloves suitable for companies planning to enter Japan.
They seem to agree.
Ito noted that there is a difference between a foreign company and a domestic company when choosing a logistics partner in Japan: their president was the first person to visit the warehouse.
They want to see for themselves whether the company is flexible, tidy and organized, whether it can implement improvements quickly, and whether it can carry out logistics outside of storage.
So fast, all the scores are very high.
Ito said: \"Eight of the ten presidents of visiting foreign companies chose us . \"
Since the beginning of logistics packaging from May, foreign people entering the Japanese market have another reason to choose so fast.
The company launched logistics packaging that month.
Aspiring foreign contestants face a series of confusing tasks.
It must enter into a contract with the importer, obtain an import license, arrange warehousing and distribution, establish a bill collection system and establish a call center.
In short, Japan\'s launch is divided into several parts,
Every market entrant must be quoted.
It will take three or four months.
Start Logistics package integrates market segments at costs lower than the sum of individual costs.
Potential customers can receive an offer of 1,000 sets of B to C.
One offer, not seven or eight, the company can make a decision quickly.
So far, two companies have chosen this option.
One of them is a Swiss cosmetics company that makes inquiries from Fast and Mitsui warehouses.
Fast\'s offer is 30% lowerCase Study;
Since 1995, SNOVA Corporation has been importing pig placenta materials produced by the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow from Russia for the production of cosmetics in Japanese factories.
SNOVA signed a contract with Kainzu Shohai to ship cosmetics from Moscow to Tokyo by refrigerated express delivery.
Snova initially distributed cosmetics to the local beauty salon.
Salon customers are raving about the results.
Women\'s magazines have caused the popularity of Snova products.
Subsequently, a large number of articles were published to promote the efficacy of cosmetics.
Snova has gone beyond the marketing model like the door. to-door sales.
At that time, the trend in Japan was to build local facilities to reduce land and administrative costs. However, Tokyo-
SNOVA is aware of the disadvantages of devolution.
On the one hand, distance hinders improvement and new challenges.
On the other hand, it turns out that the frequency of on-site inspections is inversely proportional to the distance between the local facilities and the headquarters, resulting in degradation of the inspection system.
In short, devolution blurs snovwa\'s image of the client.
It was in the 2005 s that Yamato and transport brought in snovwa so quickly.
This does not seem to match;
After all, So Fast is a company that provides logistics services to foreign companies in Japan.
Snova is a Japanese company on paper, but not in Ito\'s view, because hyko Hyuga, the president of Ito, was the first person to visit cosmetics manufacturers so quickly --
Like the president of a foreign company.
Many observers may believe that the biggest challenge in selling Snova products is to make them with pig placenta;
The vascular membrane of the pig is hardly something of a cosmetic agent.
However, Japan has an ancient tradition of using the placenta.
In addition, Ito intuitively believes that the nature of the Snova product is beneficial to it.
\"Cecil and other directory houses will not grow,\" he asserted . \".
\"They are on the product, but their heart is not on the job.
They lack passion.
The growing company is focused on a product category.
Snova is a good example of such a company.
\"No, the problem is not the nature of the Snova product line.
Ito realized that the issue involved its approach to sales: it relied too much on the \"store channel\" of the cable shopping projectto-C business.
Its attitude seems to be that the manufacture and shipment of the product is enough.
Know nothing about packaging design, product interpretation and packaging.
In short, SNOVA does not visualize the end user. [
Slightly] Illustrations
\"Pleasing customers will make Snova a better company,\" Ito recalls . \".
\"We are not trying to improve SNOVA, but to satisfy its customers.
On average, within one month, we will send SNOVA products to five or 6,000 customers.
We sent 10,000 in a few months.
Let\'s measure the satisfaction of our customers.
\"Arata Hyuga, manager of planning at SNOVA, came soon to exchange ideas with Ito.
I caught up with him at such a fast call center and asked him what he had done for Snova so quickly.
\"We used to equate distribution with distribution of goods.
In other words, we measure cost performance in our own right.
Now we spend money to evaluate our performance.
\"The great thing about turning so fast is that we start offering our products to every customer.
When she received the package, we realized that the product experience had begun.
We are very clear about the packaging and the appearance of the product.
First impressions are crucial.
If you cut corners, the product will not meet the expectations of customers.
\"I wonder if these efforts can be measured in statistics.
\"Complaints have decreased,\" he said . \"
\"Before handling our logistics so quickly, we received about 10 complaints a month.
Phone operators receive complaints from customers about dirty products or Squashed boxes.
We don\'t have any complaints now.
\"In a sense, complaints are welcome because they provide an agenda for improvement.
Complaining customers are more desirable than customers who stop buying our products.
Turning so fast gives us the ability to keep this silent majority as SNOVA customers.
\"I should add that the delivery time has been shortened.
It will take two days for delivery now.
\"SNOVA\'s goal is to provide customers with the products they need in the desired time.
In other words, it measures customer satisfaction, not market share.
\"Our next goal is to be able to find solutions from a factory perspective by visualizing the customer\'s face. \" Deja vu?
No, I have heard these words before.
Sea uga then clarified their origins.
He said, \"wake us up so soon.
\"When I left the\" factory \"so fast, I saw my reflection on the polished floor, and luckily it reminded me to hand the hair net over to the smiling receptionist.
Japan express company so fast, Ltd.
Omori Branch C-7 1-2-
Ota-20 black Islandku, Tokyo 143-0006 Tel: 03-5753-3101 Fax: 03-5753-
3102 Email: Message @ so-fast. co. jp URL: www. so-fast. co. jp/en/index.
Orwell wrote, html Related article: The packaging machine \"when one reads any strong personal writing\", he has an impression of seeing the face somewhere behind the page.
\"Again, he sees a face every time Ito Huyi\'s team packs items for shipment.
This is the face of the consumer and his goal is to please the consumer by fast delivery in mint condition. [
Slightly] Illustrations
When packing the best boxes of American cosmetics companies
Ito saw the face of a young woman while selling acne cream.
She is single, stylish and picky.
The last feature made him wonder if it was fast enough to seal a box with a piece of tape.
Packing the whole box with a film can keep its shape and make sure it arrives in its original state.
Manual packaging requires a lot of Labor.
So he decided to buy a packaging machine and expected to use it for the products of other customers.
The machine was put into operation in August 1, in order to maximize efficiency, consistent with inspection, packing and transportation operations.
The cost of sealing the box with tape is 1 yen per unit.
The cost of packing the box with film is 5 yen per piece.
So the packaging machine does not bear the cost of review-
Benefit analysis.
But Ito did not see the bottom line.
He saw the face of a woman opening the box of the cosmetics company. . .
She is laughing. --B. S.
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