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Elaborate on the development and application of laser cutting machines in the medical industry

by:VENTECH     2022-02-24

In the 21st century with advanced medical treatment, the use of various medical devices is increasing, and the entire medical industry is also booming. At the same time, there is a huge demand for micro-cutting in laser cutting machines. Low-cost lamp pumped solid-state lasers are currently used in this field. However, in order to meet the increasing demand for increased output, laser reliability and less manual maintenance, it is a serious challenge to continue to maintain this traditional laser system to adapt to the production environment of modern industrial applications. The emergence of fiber lasers provides many advantages for maintaining high growth and high yields. Single-mode fiber lasers do not require mirror focus, no need to replace flash lamps, and are completely maintenance-free. The compact air-cooled design can save expensive ultra-clean factory space.

As the power of fiber lasers continues to increase, fiber lasers have expanded to the industrial cutting field. For example, the use of a fast chopper continuous fiber laser to microcut a stainless steel arterial tube shows that this is an excellent microcutting tool. In cutting experiments, simple pump diode excitation allows chopping frequencies up to 3000 Hz. Due to its high beam quality, fiber lasers can achieve very small focal lengths, and the resulting small slit widths are refreshing today's standards in the medical equipment industry.

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