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Duct flange production

Duct flange production


Duct flange production

1. Process requirements

1) The flange of the air duct is processed by the mold method, and the flange of the same type uses a mold to ensure the interchangeability and dimensional accuracy of the flange;

2) After cutting and straightening, chamfer and punch holes, and then put it on the corresponding mold to clamp, fix and weld.

3) The allowable deviation of the flatness of the flange is 1mm, and the difference between the two diagonals of the rectangular flange should not be greater than 2mm;

4) There must be screw holes at the four corners of the flange. The distance between the bolts and rivet holes of the air duct flange of the medium and low pressure systems should not be greater than 150mm; the high pressure system should not be greater than 100mm;

5) After the flange is formed, the flange should be straightened, and the welding slag should be cleaned, and then the welding part should be painted with two coats of anti-rust paint and one coat of silver powder paint.

duct flange

2. Key points of quality control

1) When cutting the flange angle steel, it should be noted that the inner diameter of the welded flange cannot be smaller than the outer diameter of the air duct;

2) The weld seam of the air duct flange should be well fused and full without false welding and holes;

3) The screw hole arrangement of flanges of the same specification processed in the same batch should be consistent and interchangeable;

4) During the anti-corrosion treatment of the air duct flange, the next anti-corrosion treatment should be carried out after the previous paint is dried;

5) It is strictly forbidden for unlicensed personnel to work on the job;

3. Finished product protection measures

1) The semi-finished and finished products of the air duct flange must be neatly placed on the square wood, and should be classified and stacked according to the specifications and models;

2) Do not mix with other materials, equipment, etc., and have measures to prevent rain and snow;

3) When the finished air duct flange is stacked for a long time, it should be covered with plastic film to keep the surface clean and avoid dust accumulation;

4) Handling and handling should be handled with care, and the galvanized layer of the flange should not be damaged. If there is any scratch, the paint should be completely repaired.

ductmate flange

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