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Curtain curtain head laser cutting machine, a good helper for curtain manufacturers

by:VENTECH     2022-02-06

A curtain is composed of curtain cloth, window screening, curtain head, straps, accessories and other parts. There are many processes from the raw material to the finished product, and the most important one is the cutting and cutting process. The traditional cutting process is not only low in efficiency, but also the accuracy of the cutting cloth is not easy to control.

The editor today introduces a laser cutting equipment that is widely used in the production of curtains—fabric laser cutting bed. Compared with the simple cutting of curtain body, it is more needed for all kinds of curtain head cutting with different shapes. The fabric laser cutting machine uses the principle of laser cutting, which can intelligently recognize patterns and cut along the edges. It is especially suitable for the cutting and cutting of various printed fabric laces. For the cutting of various complex and special-shaped patterns, only the cutting graphics need to be imported, and the software automatically optimizes the cutting path. Greatly improve the utilization rate of raw materials.

The fabric laser cutting bed adopts non-contact processing technology, so that the raw material has no stress effect and ensures the accuracy of cutting. In addition, the laser cutting edge Smooth and burr-free, with automatic seam function, no loose edges, especially suitable for cutting curtain fabrics.

Recommended model: fabric laser cutting bed

Model features :

1. There are two working sizes of 1.3*2.5m or 1.53m, suitable for large-format curtain cutting

2. Equipped with automatic loading and unloading function, without manual transmission, automatic loading by machine -Cutting-cutting, saving labor costs

3. The laser cutting efficiency is high, it can automatically recognize the cutting, and the cutting accuracy is high.

4. It can be suitable for curtains of various materials Cutting, such as cotton, linen, man-made fiber, nylon and other material curtains

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