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Copper foil, aluminum foil ultra-thin metal laser cutting equipment-picosecond UV laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-02-02

Picosecond UV laser cutting machine adopts picosecond UV laser. Compared with conventional laser cutting machine, the beam quality is better, the spot is more delicate, the heat affected area is very small, the cutting precision is high, and it is suitable for some cutting requirements. High 3C electronics industry and medical industry, etc., mainly used for copper foil, copper film cutting, FPC, FPC roll-shaped auxiliary material cutting, cutting materials: ceramics, sapphire, (alumina, aluminum nitride, zirconia, nitride Boron, etc.), glass, quartz, phosphating, indium and other non-metallic materials, various metal alloy materials such as tungsten and copper, and polymer materials such as Rogers board and polyimide.

The specific advantages of picosecond UV laser cutting machine cutting copper foil?

The editor today mainly introduces the application of picosecond ultraviolet laser cutting machine on copper foil, copper film and other ultra-thin metal alloys. The ultraviolet cold light source makes the heat-affected area small, the processing gap is small, the edges are no carbonization, no burrs, and the edges are smooth, which will not affect the shape of the copper foil. In practical applications, it is required to remove the copper on the surface of the PET film to form a conductive pattern, and it is required to be removed without leaving any residue, otherwise the conductivity will be affected and the PET film will not be damaged. Conventional infrared light sources or green light sources have various problems in the application, and the heat-affected zone of the application of ultraviolet picosecond laser cutting machine using infrared or green light sources to process this material will either damage the PET film or cause damage. The cleaning of copper is not clean enough, causing short circuits to appear. The advantage of the UV laser cutting mode is that by controlling the process means, the heat effect after processing the surface copper is small and not hurting the PET. In addition, the part of the light under the process is directly transmitted through the PET without causing burns, and perfect cutting is achieved.

Compared with traditional fiber laser cutting machine: picosecond ultraviolet laser cutting machine fiber laser cutting machine heat affected zone heat affected area is small, the gap is small, and the material has no The deformation heat-affected area is large and the gap is large, which has a greater impact on the material. The easy deformation effect is smooth, and the burr-free edge is smoother. The precision is high. It is suitable for precision cutting and has relatively low precision. It is suitable for conventional cutting of metal materials. Aluminum oxide, aluminum nitride, zirconium oxide, boron nitride, etc.), glass, quartz, phosphating, indium and other non-metallic materials and various metal alloy materials such as tungsten copper and metal materials cutting

Recommended model: UV picosecond Laser cutting machine

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