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Conductive fiber cloth cutting equipment-conductive cloth laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-02-17

Conductive cloth is a kind of conductive fiber cloth made of polyester fiber cloth as the base material, and after post-treatment, electroplating metal plating is applied to make it have metallic characteristics. It is widely used in the 3C electronics industry and daily life. It is often used as a shielding material, as a shielding work clothes for high-radiation work, and is often made into touch screen gloves, anti-radiation curtains, etc. So, how is the conductive cloth cut? The editor today introduces a special equipment for conductive cloth cutting-conductive cloth laser cutting machine.

Conductive cloth laser cutting machine, also known as high-precision laser cutting machine, is a model specially used for high-precision cutting of non-metallic materials , It is widely used in 3C electronics, medical, communication and other industries. Conductive cloth laser cutting machine adopts non-contact cutting method, the cutting size is accurate, the edge is smooth and there is no burr, the effect is beautiful, the precise energy control, the non-focused edge is not yellow, and it is suitable for various special-shaped cutting, cutting and slicing of conductive cloth. Kong Neng.

The conductive cloth laser cutting machine is fast and efficient. It can be applied to cutting various conductive cloths, such as nickel-plated conductive cloth, gold-plated conductive cloth, carbon-plated conductive cloth, aluminum foil fiber composite cloth, etc. Compared with the traditional cutting process, it has obvious advantages in edge effect and dimensional accuracy, and it is the preferred equipment for many conductive cloth manufacturers.

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Model Features:

1. It is equipped with a 600*500 cutting format, and other sizes can be customized.

2. It is equipped with a servo motor, a traditional screw rod, imported lasers, etc., which is a high configuration and high precision Models

3. A wide range of applications, which can be applied to cutting various film materials, cutting screens, precision cutting of electronic parts, etc.

4. It can realize cutting and punching , Pieces and other functions in one

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