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Condensed water at the air outlet of the air conditioner? How to solve?

Condensed water at the air outlet of the air conditioner? How to solve?


Summer is the peak season for air-conditioning. However, some careful users will find that there are some small water droplets on the air-conditioning outlet panel, thinking that the air conditioner indoor unit is leaking. In fact, these small water droplets are air-conditioning condensate water. Normal phenomenon, don't worry too much.

There are many ways to solve this problem. Let's take a look at the causes and solutions of condensation in the air outlet of the household central air conditioner.


1. Causes of water condensation at the air outlet of the central air conditioner:

When the humidity in the room in the hot summer area is high, the dew point temperature of the air is higher. When the supply air temperature is lower than the dew point temperature of the air in the room, the louver outlet of the air conditioner will condense and drip condensed water, especially This is a normal phenomenon during the first period of time when it is turned on. Therefore, condensation at the air outlet of the air conditioner is not a quality problem. On the contrary, it indicates that the air conditioner in your home is very cool.

2. Solutions for the condensed water at the air outlet of the central air conditioner:

(1) Wooden air outlets can be used. The general outlet condensation is due to excessive indoor humidity, which can increase the air temperature.

(2) It is best to close the doors and windows of the air-conditioned room, and do not let the outdoor hot and humid air adjust the room temperature. Since the air conditioner itself has the ability to dehumidify, as the air conditioner runs, the humidity of the indoor air will gradually decrease and the condensation will gradually decrease until there is no condensation.

(3) The indoor temperature set point, at the beginning, can be set to 26 degrees-28 degrees, after a period of time to adjust to the desired temperature.

(4) Condensation is because the air temperature is lower than the dew point temperature, the air and the outlet are different nozzles, or the air output is increased.

(5) If it is a louver tuyere, the angle of the blade can be adjusted to make the outlet turbulent.

(6) If the wood is more expensive, you can install a thin PE insulation board beside the exit of the existing central air conditioner.

3. Why is there dripping from the air outlet of the air conditioner?

(1) Failure of the gas supply system

 If the filter is dirty, use a low windshield in a humid environment. If the air volume is too small, the internal evaporator evaporation temperature will decrease, the evaporator will frost or even freeze, and time will cause water leakage.

(2) Drainage system failure

Mainly include inner and lower guide troughs, drain pipes, pipe wraps, drain pump failures, etc. When the air conditioner is used for a long time, the water pipe and drain pipe may be blocked by dirt, water discharge, etc. It is the injection molding cracks, the connecting pipe joints are not well included, and the drain pipe flattening during installation will cause water leakage.

(3) The system lacks fluoride failure

 When the system is severely deficient in fluorine, the refrigerant quickly evaporates in the 2-3 long U-tubes near the input pipe when entering the evaporator, so the temperature of the 2-3 long U-tube fins near the evaporator input pipe is higher. Low, and other long U-shaped tube fins are close to room temperature, so a large amount of condensed water will condense on the 2-3 long U-shaped tube fins near the input tube, and will freeze for a long time. In the case of a half-clogged evaporator, the temperature of the long U-shaped tube fin with a heavy snow flow rate is low and the temperature of the long U-shaped tube fin with a light snow flow rate is high, resulting in a large temperature difference between the two flow paths. The long U-shaped tube fins of the heavy snow flow condense a large amount of condensed water and blow it out with the wind. The hot and cold air meets in the air channel, and the water vapor condenses in the air channel, which eventually leads to water leakage.

(4) Water leakage caused by installation problems

The main focus is on new installations or air conditioners installed in winter because the installation is not level or the drain pipes and connection pipe joints are not wrapped.




Regarding how to deal with the problem of air conditioning condensate coming out of the air outlet, the above are six solutions. You can choose the appropriate solution according to your own situation. As for the question of why water drips from the air outlet of the air conditioner, the above is aimed at answering you in four aspects. For specifics, you can read the above answers carefully.

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