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Comprehensive interpretation of Hongte laser cutting machine industry applications

by:VENTECH     2022-02-19

Hongte has been focusing on the technological development of the cutting and welding industry, providing leading, high-quality FARLEY•LASERLAB series cutting and welding equipment and complete technical services to the world, involving construction machinery, automobiles, machine tools, locomotives, petroleum machinery, ,, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, grain machinery, electrical appliances, elevators and other application fields. FARLEY•LASERLAB is recognized by the industry as a leading brand in sheet metal cutting and welding. At present, thousands of high-power laser cutting and laser welding equipment are operating well in more than 30 countries including Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, India, and China. .

Hongte Metal Laser Cutting Samples

The following is an introduction to the application industry of Hongte fiber laser cutting machine.

1. Sheet metal processing

CNC laser cutting has the advantages of high precision, high speed, especially flexible processing (no mold opening), etc. It has become the development direction of sheet metal processing technology and has a trend to replace CNC punching and shearing equipment. FARLEY•LASERLAB's cost-effective and high-performance CNC laser cutting machine is unique in the sheet metal industry and has been greatly favored by processing workshops. Hongte equipment has become a strong guarantee for sheet metal processing center business orders.

2. Automobile manufacturing

The automobile industry is a highly concentrated industry of high and new technology. As an advanced manufacturing method, laser is an advanced manufacturing method. In developed industrial countries in Europe and America, 50% to 70% of auto parts are processed by laser processing. The automobile industry mainly uses laser welding and laser cutting as the main processing methods, including plane cutting and welding, three-dimensional cutting and welding.

Hongte Laser Hongte is committed to serving the automobile manufacturing industry and has successfully developed a complete set of laser welding equipment for automobile body-in-white, automobile exhaust pipe laser welding production line, automobile airbag panel laser weakening, and automobile airbag Liner welding equipment, automatic laser cutting equipment for automobile gear shift sleeves, automobile gear welding equipment, automobile tire laser cutting and other series of products have become China's first laser equipment manufacturer famous for automobile manufacturing laser professional equipment. All products can replace imports, and the quality and technical indicators have reached the international advanced level.

3. Shipbuilding industry

High-speed cutting combined with plasma bevel technology and other technical options make FARLEY•LASERLAB the chief supplier of a world-class shipyard. The manufacturers of ultra-large container ships in China, Japan, India and South Korea and the manufacturers of high-speed aluminum ferries in Australia, the United States and Europe have all applied this laser and plasma cutting technology of our FARLEY•LASERLAB.

4. Locomotive manufacturing

Laser processing technology has been used in the locomotive manufacturing industry as early as the 1970s. In 1974, the United States used laser to strengthen the cylinder liners of high-horsepower diesel engines for locomotives. In 1978, my country also successfully used laser to strengthen the cylinder liner of DF4 diesel locomotive diesel engine. In the 1980s, my country introduced laser cutting technology to cut the skins of motorcycle bodies. Today, FARLEY•LASERLAB's laser cutting system has been widely used in locomotive manufacturing industries all over the world.


FARLEY•LASERLAB's laser cutting and plasma cutting systems are widely used in various production parts in the industry. These customers appreciate the repeatable processing of our equipment, as well as the reliable and excellent statistical processing control ( SPC) data.

6. Petroleum pipes

The use of laser cutting of petroleum sieve pipes is one of the typical applications of laser cutting technology in the petrochemical industry. In the process of oil drilling, sand control in loose formations is one of the most critical parts of oil well completion and oil production engineering design. Generally, a large number of small gaps are processed around the pipe to block most of the sand layer. The important feature of laser cutting is that it can cut gradient slits with outer width and inner narrow or outer narrow and inner, so that the oil screen pipe has better performance.

7. Agricultural machinery

Many agricultural machinery manufacturers in the United States, Italy, Ireland, South Korea, Malaysia, China and the United Kingdom have adopted FARLEY•LASERLAB equipment. The flexibility of FARLEY•LASERLAB technology speeds up its design update, improves product quality, greatly reduces costs, and responds more quickly to changes in market demand. The laser cutting system is the technology that benefits this industry the most.

8. Construction machinery

Hongte’s laser cutting equipment and plasma cutting equipment have a large number of users in the construction machinery industry, including Case, Caterpillar, Komatsu, FiatAllis, JCB and Gradall Wait. The high-yield and high-quality parts processed by Hongte equipment have become one of the key initial steps of these companies' automated production.

9. Steel structure building

From New York to Delhi, from London to Kuala Lumpur, the completion of steel structure buildings has been supported by our FARLEY•LASERLAB technology. These companies have adopted our FARLEY•LASERLAB plasma belt drill and oxygen cutting belt drill equipment to process parts in batches, which makes assembly easier and saves a lot of time. This is also the reason why builders and contractors such as ABB, Bechtel and other construction companies look for and choose FARLEY•LASERLAB.

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