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Common faults and solutions of laser cutting machines

by:VENTECH     2022-01-06
Common faults and solutions of laser cutting machines

Turn on alarm?

1. Whether the water pipe is turned on

2, check if there is water in the water tank

3. Check whether the water tank water pipe is skimmed or there are objects pressing the water pipe to prevent the water pipe from flowing.

4. Check whether the connection between the signal line of the water tank and the machine is loose or the signal line itself has a problem.

5. If it is a water tank alarm, check the water tank.

6. If the mainboard alarms, first confirm whether the mainboard water protection terminal is jumping. If it does, replace the mainboard. Common fault diagnosis methods of laser cutting machine

The boot does not return to the origin?

1. Whether the motherboard X, Y pulse indicator lights are on

2. Replace the motherboard. Common fault diagnosis methods of laser cutting machine

Is the laser cutting machine not round?

1. Check whether the screws on the X and Y screw seats are tightened.

2, check whether the board is clamped

3. Check the graphics for errors. Common fault diagnosis methods of laser cutting machine

When the laser cutting machine is working halfway, the panel display shows 'out of limit data error' and the machine stops working?

1. The machine and the computer must have a good grounding.

2. Open the cutting software → click the 'File' menu → communication settings to change the receiving and sending buffer time to 5 or 10.

3. Replace the data cable or motherboard.

The laser tube high pressure head water pipe is leaking and sparking?

1. Disconnect all power first, and wipe the high-voltage head clean with a cotton cloth. (Gently scrub)

2. Cut off the broken water pipe and reconnect it to the laser tube. Then tie it up with a cable tie.

3. Reconnect the high-voltage line. (There are 7 silver wires in the high-voltage wire, one cannot be less)

4. Use a fan to blow dry the wet area of u200bu200bthe high-pressure head, and then turn it on again after half an hour.

Anonymous or undetectable devices appear in the list in the laser software? (Normal all are numbers)

1. Click to refresh the list to see if it can be detected.

2. Check whether the COM terminal of the computer connection data line is loose.

3. Replace with a computer and check it out

4. The impact of the cutting speed of the laser cutting machine on the cutting quality by replacing the motherboard

The choice of the appropriate cutting speed for the laser cutting machine is also very important when cutting. The best cutting speed range can be selected according to the equipment description or determined by experiment. Due to the different thickness of the material, the material is different. The cutting speed also changes correspondingly due to the influence of factors such as the level of melting point, the size of thermal conductivity and the surface tension after melting.

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