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Common faults and solutions of laser cutting machines

by:VENTECH     2022-02-28

During the use of the laser cutting machine, due to the influence of materials, processes, environmental conditions and human factors, the technical status of the equipment will be degraded, and various failures will inevitably occur, the function and accuracy of the equipment Reduce or even lose the use value of the whole machine. To understand and master some common faults and solutions, to keep the laser cutting machine on-site in good condition, to increase the utilization rate, and to extend the service life is the need for enterprises to improve their economic benefits.

1. There is no response when booting up

Whether the power fuse is burned out: replace the fuse; whether the power input is normal: check the power input and make it normal; whether the main power switch is damaged: replace the main power switch.

2. No laser output or weak laser

Whether the optical path is offset: carefully adjust the optical path; whether the reflective lens is polluted or damaged: clean or replace the reflective lens; whether the focus focal length of the laser cutting machine is changed: re-adjust the focus; whether the focus lens is polluted: clean the focus lens; cooling water quality or water temperature Whether it is normal: replace the clean cooling water to bring the temperature to a normal value; whether the cooling water circulates: clear the cooling water circuit; whether the laser tube is damaged or aging: replace the laser tube; whether the laser power supply is energized: check the power supply circuit of the laser power supply to make it normal; Whether the temperature of the whole machine is too high: 1. Shut down and let the temperature drop; 2. Ventilate to enhance the heat dissipation of the machine; 3. Adjust the ambient temperature; Whether the laser power supply is damaged: replace the laser power supply.

3. The cutting/engraving depth is not ideal

Whether the cutting/engraving processing parameters are normal: set appropriate processing parameters; whether the laser power setting is normal: set the laser power correctly; laser output becomes weak: see point 2.

4. The computer and the device are not connected

Whether the scan switch is turned on: turn on the scan switch; whether the motion system is powered on: check the power supply of the motion system and make it normal; whether the DSP motion control card is damaged: replace the DSP motion control card; whether the signal line is loose: reinsert the signal line Plug and fix.

5. There is an error in the processing size or the movement is wrong

Whether the grounding of the whole machine and the computer is normal: ground the equipment and the computer well; whether the signal line is normal: replace the signal line. Computer operating system failure or virus infection: reinstall the operating system or antivirus; whether the computer is operating normally: replace or handle the computer; the power supply is unstable or there is interference signal: install a voltage stabilizer or eliminate the interference signal; whether the application software is normal: Reinstall the software and the drive software of the motion control card; whether the processing parameters are set correctly (such as layout, etc.): reset the corresponding parameters; whether the processing program is written normally: check the written processing program and modify it until it is normal.

6. The slider movement is not ideal

Whether the trolley slides and sliders are polluted: clean the slides and slides; whether the guide rails are polluted: clean the guide rails and add lubricating oil; whether the transmission gear is loose: tighten the transmission gear; whether the transmission belt is loose: adjust the belt tightness.

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