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Choose fiber laser cutting machine? Discuss from 6 aspects

by:VENTECH     2022-03-13

Nowadays, laser cutting technology has been widely used in metal cutting and non-metal cutting industries. Fiber laser cutting machines are quite mature in the current metal processing industry and occupy a large market share. But there are still many users who do not know how to choose the right fiber laser cutting machine for their business. In the following content, we will discuss how to choose a fiber laser cutting machine from six aspects.

1. Know your material

Before buying, you should consider your business scope-the type of material that needs to be cut, the thickness of the material to be cut, and then determine the power and size of the equipment that suits your work needs. Currently, the power range of fiber laser cutting machines on the market is 500W to 8000W. And the size of the worktable can be customized by the fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer according to your application.

2. The choice of fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer

After determining the cutting requirements, you can go to the market to learn about the equipment, or you can go to the local user who has purchased the fiber laser cutting machine to personally check the performance and basic parameters of the machine. It is recommended that you choose several companies with rich manufacturing experience and competitive prices for further communication and sample production. Later, on-site inspections can be conducted to discuss cutting parameters, machine tool prices, operation training, payment methods, after-sales service, etc. in more detail.

3. Fiber laser power range

When considering the performance of a fiber laser cutting machine, its working performance and laser power range should be fully considered. For example, if you often cut sheet metal that does not exceed 6mm, a 500W-700W laser cutting machine can meet your production needs; if you want to cut materials over 6mm, you should consider using a larger laser power, which helps To control the cost of the company.

4. The core components of fiber laser cutting machine

When choosing fiber laser equipment, some important parts of fiber laser cutting machine need special attention. In particular, it is necessary to clearly distinguish between laser generators, fiber laser cutting heads, servo motors, guide rails, water tanks, etc., because these components directly affect the cutting speed and accuracy of the equipment. Even some dishonest manufacturers use domestic parts instead of imported parts to deceive customers.

5. Evaluate the quality and stability of fiber laser cutting machine

Now, the product development cycle is very short, and product upgrades are getting faster and faster. How to ensure the quality and quantity of customer orders, maintain corporate reputation, and enhance corporate competitiveness is an arduous task for every manufacturer. Try to choose a brand with higher product quality, work stability and a complete after-sales service system. Don't just choose low-quality products without after-sales service just because the price is low. This will have a huge impact on your production output and quality.

6. Reliable and professional after-sales service

The after-sales service of each manufacturer is very different, and the warranty period is also different. Professional after-sales service not only provides customers with effective daily maintenance plans, but also has a professional training system to help customers get started as soon as possible. Users will encounter various problems in the process. When encountering problems that customers cannot solve, it is particularly important for manufacturers to provide timely solutions. This is also a key factor to consider when buying a fiber laser cutting machine.

For more information about choosing the right fiber laser cutting machine solution, please contact us by phone or email, we are always ready to serve you.

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