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Choice of Wuxi Light Gantry CNC Cutting Machine or Heavy Gantry CNC Cutting Machine

by:VENTECH     2022-03-11

Gantry CNC cutting machine (including Gantry CNC flame cutting machine and Gantry CNC plasma cutting machine) is the first choice for cutting large size and thick steel plates. According to the material and design of the beam structure, the gantry CNC cutting machine is generally divided into a light gantry CNC cutting machine and a heavy gantry CNC cutting machine. The basic functions of the two machines are exactly the same. They can be equipped with plasma cutting power supplies for flame CNC cutting and heterogeneous cutting. However, according to the different needs of customers, there are still many differences in their machine configuration. So, when we choose a gantry CNC cutting machine, how to choose a light gantry CNC cutting machine or a heavy gantry CNC cutting machine?

Taking our company's products as an example, Wuxi Hongte Electromechanical Company has sorted out the differences in the company's structure and configuration as follows to provide customers with reference for choosing a gantry CNC cutting machine.

1. Beam structure. The lightweight gantry CNC cutting machine has a 400mm*200mm*6mm square tube beam structure. After 3-5 years of use, the structure will be slightly deformed. Due to the gravity effect, especially the thermal effect caused by the rise of heat flow, flame cutting will be used for a long time. This deformation may be invisible to the naked eye, but it will have a great impact on the accuracy of the transverse cutting machine. The heavy-duty gantry CNC cutting machine is a customized welding structure of 650mm*210mm*8mm fully quenched steel plate. Since all customized welding parts have been quenched, the hardness and strength are high, and there will be no deformation that may occur in the cross-transmission of the lightweight gantry. Problem, greatly extending the service life of the gantry cutting machine.

2. Driver configuration. Light-duty gantry CNC cutting machines usually use three-phase different stepping drive motors because of its light weight, while heavy-duty gantry CNC cutting machines use Panasonic servo drive motors (750W*2 + 400W*1) to ensure cutting accuracy because of its light weight. Heavy frame. There are also some manufacturers in the light gantry CNC servo drive. I personally think that the lightweight structure of the light gantry CNC stepper motor drive and the servo drive has almost no difference in walking accuracy and cutting accuracy. Servo is used in the light gantry CNC cutting machine. The drive motor is unnecessary, which is a waste.

3. The choice of plasma power supply. Since the cable length of the plasma power cutting gun is generally less than 8 meters, plasma cutting is usually used for gantry CNC cutting machines, and the plasma power supply is usually placed on the gantry CNC cutting frame. The light-duty gantry CNC cutting machine is only suitable for placing light plasma power supplies, while the heavy-duty gantry CNC cutting machine can be used to place some heavy-duty plasma cutting machines.

Therefore, when choosing gantry CNC cutting machines with different beam structures, we gave the following suggestions:

1. Equipped with dual flame cutting guns or Straight flame cutting gun, long-term use of flame cutting, it is recommended to choose heavy gantry CNC cutting:

2. When cutting large wide steel plates with a span of more than 4 meters, or use dual flame and dual plasma to cut two steel plates In order to double the cutting efficiency, choose a heavy gantry CNC cutting machine (maximum span is 7.5 meters):

3. When the weight of the plasma power supply is less than 50kg (usually lgk-120igbt and the following brand plasma) When choosing a light gantry CNC cutting machine: If the weight of the plasma power supply exceeds 50kg (such as 160, 200, 300, 400 models of water-cooled plasma cutting machine power), choose a heavy gantry CNC cutting machine.

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