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Carpet laser cutting machine, no worries about cutting special-shaped carpets

by:VENTECH     2022-02-17

Carpet, as a highlight of floor decoration, is loved by more and more people. Carpets can not only play a decorative role, but also protect against cold and warmth, especially in the cold winter when a layer of carpet is placed on the ground. It seems that the home is a little warmer. When it comes to carpets, one has to mention the development and perfection of its craftsmanship. In order to pursue better quality, many carpet manufacturers introduce laser technology to engrave and cut carpets. Compared with traditional manual cutting and knife cutting equipment, laser cutting machines have obvious technological advantages.

Carpet laser cutting machine can easily complete all kinds of carpet special-shaped cutting and cutting, the cutting edge is smooth and flat, without fraying, no need for post-sealing process, and the carpet The laser cutting machine can automatically recognize the pattern and intelligently cut along the edge. Compared with manual cutting, the cutting accuracy is greatly improved, and the cutting efficiency is high, and the operation is simple. It can efficiently complete the carpet hollow cutting, engraving and other processes, greatly enhancing the richness and layering of the carpet, incorporating new elements, and enhancing the sense of quality.

Recommended model: printed fabric laser cutting machine

model Advantages:

1. It is equipped with a large-area cutting size of 1800*1000mm, which can meet the cutting of larger-sized carpets (other sizes such as 1.3*2.5m/1.5*3m are also optional)

2. Equipped with a large visual recognition system, it can be used to recognize and cut conventional solid-color carpets and printed carpets, with accurate positioning

3. Equipped with an automatic loading and unloading system, no manual loading is required, saving labor costs

4 . The cutting edge is smooth and burr-free, suitable for cutting carpets of various materials, such as chemical fiber carpets, felt carpets, plastic carpets, blended carpets, etc.

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