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baker\'s gas and welding supplies guides workers with online welding selector tool.

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Lincoln Park, MI, February 04, 2011--(PR. com)--
It\'s not always easy to buy a right elding machine.
With all the specs in mind, many welders end up with equipment that doesn\'t fit the work they need to do.
Now, Baker\'s Gas and Welding is using their new online Welding machine selector tool to teach welders which equipment works best for their project type.
Baker\'s gas and welding supply company is an industrial supply company that operates in southeast Michigan and northwest Ohio, as well as online regions in the United States and Canada.
The company\'s welding machine tool selection tool is designed to further educate primary and more advanced welders.
Baker\'s aim for gas and welding supplies is to serve their customers with the same enthusiasm and integrity that their company has had since its birth in 19 years and 36 years.
When Harrow and Dorothy Baker started Baker\'s gas and welding supplies, they quickly named the company.
Over time, the business was handed over to Pete (Dale)
And now the boss, Gary and Tom clemz.
Standards for Quality service have never dropped.
The company has members of some of the most important industry organizations, including the Association of gas and welding dealers, the Association of Airco dealers, the National Association of Fire Equipment dealers and other organizations.
The company has a high reputation for understanding its business and providing customer service required by industrial stores.
The BGW welder selection tool is designed to guide the user through a range of selections until they arrive at the recommended welder.
The first question to answer is what basic type of welding machine is needed.
The welder selection tool defines the skill level and use of MIG wire, TIG, Rod, plasma cutting and engine welder.
The user clicks on the most appropriate type on the list.
The second step in the BGW welding machine tool selection tool is the metal type, input voltage and metal thickness of the welding.
At that time, welder replacements that meet all selection requirements will be displayed.
The welder knows what welding machine he needs to get his own information.
After learning about the types of welders available for any given welding task, welders can choose to order equipment from Baker\'s gas and welding supplies or other competitors.
However, anyone using a BGW welding machine to select tools can query Baker\'s shipping costs while comparing prices.
The price includes the packaging of Certain welding machines and supplies.
The company offers several brands such as Lincoln welding machine, Miller welding equipment and ESAB welding machine.
There are also safety equipment, clothing and glasses and other welding supplies for sale on Baker\'s website.
Baker\'s gas and welding supplies believe that new and improved welding workers need more information in the field of welding equipment.
They provide BGW welder selection tools for individuals who need more knowledge in the spirit of public service.
The company not only sells equipment, but also teaches people how to avoid costly mistakes.
Baker\'s gas and welding supplies enable their online tools to provide information about the necessities of welding equipment.
For more information, visit BakersGas. com.
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