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Auto parts can still play like this, it's a perfect score for creativity!

by:VENTECH     2022-02-15

After the car is repaired and scrapped, there will be some scrap parts left. How to deal with these waste auto parts? I believe that many car owners have considered this issue. Internet netizens from abroad have gotten a lot of thoughts and have exposed a lot of auto parts transformation ideas, some have been transformed into practical homes, and some have been transformed into works with artistic creation nature, and scrap auto parts are rejuvenated. A new life.

Table lamp made of exhaust pipe and engine crankshaft

Wine rack made of cylinder block

Pen holders and wall clocks made of automobile parts

A pair of skillful hands can turn waste into treasure, and discarded car parts can be turned into sales. With an open mind, a pair of skillful hands can create art. Although it has been abandoned, the production process of auto parts is not simple at all. It has very high requirements for processing accuracy, and the equipment must reach a fairly high level of processing, and it must be flexible enough to respond to product changes. In the automobile production process, laser is ubiquitous from the development of prototypes, the manufacture of parts to the body assembly. Automobile sheet metal covering parts include: machine cover, rear cover box, water tank frame, bumper, fender, door, body, ingot beam of chassis parts, control arm, rear axle, etc., which often require three-dimensional cutting to complete.

Three-dimensional laser cutting has a high degree of flexibility. Under normal circumstances, a set of molds can only be used for one process of one kind of workpiece, while three-dimensional laser cutting can be used for any process of any workpiece. When the workpiece product changes, such as surface, trimming and hole changes, you only need to change the offline program of laser cutting. Because the tooling fixture used is relatively simple, it is also convenient to change the tooling fixture.

For the field of automotive parts processing, HG Laser grandly launched the AUTOBOT series of automotive thermoformed parts 3D laser cutting machine, with high dynamic performance, elevated gantry double drive, stability, high precision, cutting speed> 30m/min, The resultant acceleration> 1.7G, which can meet the requirements of automotive thermoformed parts such as A-pillar, B-pillar, C-pillar, four-door and three-cover, side fenders, front and rear floors, wheel covers, anti-collision beams, front longitudinal beams and reinforcements, etc. Hole cutting and trimming of parts.

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