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Application of precision laser cutting machine in high-definition lens industry

by:VENTECH     2021-12-28

In the past, the high-definition lens industry mainly used molds as frames, and different styles required different molds, which required high cost and low efficiency. With the advent of precision laser cutting machines, different types of frames can be processed quickly, which solves the worries about the rapid processing and production of lenses.

With the fierce competition in the lens industry, increasing profits and reducing costs are issues that many lens manufacturers have begun to pay attention to. Improving lens manufacturing and processing technology and providing rapid prototyping and smooth lenses have become the magic weapon for many manufacturers to survive, and the application of precision laser cutting machines has completely solved these two problems for enterprises. In addition, the laser cutting machine can design arbitrary graphics on the plate, with fast speed, high precision, one-time forming, no subsequent processing, more than ten times faster than traditional cutting equipment, greatly improving processing efficiency, and visualized layout , It fits tightly and saves materials. Advanced technology can increase the speed of new product development for lens manufacturers, and can quickly recover equipment investment costs.

The application of precision laser cutting machine in the high-definition lens industry-due to the continuous investment in high technology and people's living standards With the gradual improvement of the lens, there are countless lenses used in various cameras, smart phones, automobiles and other industries. The laser cutting machine is very good to make the cutting curved surface clean and faster and more efficient.

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