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Application of plastic laser cutting machine in the plastic industry

by:VENTECH     2022-01-19

Plastic products are full of our lives. Plastic is inseparable from everything we need, food, shelter, and transportation, ranging from automobiles and electric vehicles to daily use such as chopsticks and basins. Pieces, every aspect, can be seen everywhere. Generally, the common plastic raw materials on the market are PV, PE, PP, PS, ABS, etc., which are used in different places due to their performance differences. These raw materials are finally made into exquisite finished products through injection, calendering, grinding, cutting and other processes, and then flow into life and be used by people. The cutting of plastic products occupies an important position in all processes and is a step that cannot be ignored.

Traditional plastic product cutting usually uses vibrating knife, water jet cutting, etc., but due to its technological limitations, it cannot be universally applied to all industries. In the past two years, laser technology has developed rapidly. Laser cutting has been gradually applied to plastic products cutting technology, which largely compensates for the shortcomings of traditional technology. Plastic products laser cutting machines have smooth edges and high cutting efficiency, which is suitable for all kinds of products. This kind of heterogeneous shape cutting has gradually been favored by many plastic product manufacturers, replacing the traditional process and has become the main use process for plastic product cutting in the past two years. Whether it is plane cutting or three-dimensional cutting, the plastic laser cutting machine can do it for you.

Recommended models

Plastic laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting non-metallic materials such as auto parts cutting, plastic products cutting, nozzle material cutting and so on.

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