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Application of laser in cleaning industry-laser cutting mop cloth

by:VENTECH     2021-12-31

The commonly used mop cloths on the market generally use microfiber cloth

Microfiber wipes are also called non-shedding fiber cleaning wipes

Dust-free Mercerized towels, non-dust towels, etc.

Widely used because of its easy wiping and less dust.

It is often used in laboratories, dust-free workshops, wiping optical components, etc.

The application of microfiber cloth is as small as glasses cloth, mobile phone film, etc.

As large as cleaner, mop cloth, etc.

It has a wide range of applications. For the cutting of microfiber cloth

Traditional knife cutting is particularly prone to waste

affecting product quality

For more demanding products Unable to meet its conditions

The ultra-fine fiber cloth laser cutting machine uses a unique laser cutting process

non-contact cutting, automatic seam after cutting


The edges are neat, no post-processing is required, and less waste is generated.

The product is suitable for cutting scouring pads, microfiber cloth cutting, mop cloth cutting, cleaning cloth cutting, etc.

Recommended models

Microfiber cloth laser cutting machine products are suitable for scouring cloth cutting, microfiber cloth cutting, mop cloth cutting, cleaning cloth cutting, etc.

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