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Application of laser cutting machine in non-woven fabric industry

by:VENTECH     2022-01-08

With the outbreak of the epidemic in 19 years, the raw material of non-woven fabric has attracted widespread attention from people from all walks of life because of its high price. In fact, non-woven materials are in our daily lives. It can be seen everywhere. Such as surgical gowns, sanitary napkins, protective clothing, disinfection wraps, masks, diapers, civilian wipes, wipes, wet face towels, magic towels, soft towel rolls, beauty products, sanitary pads, and disposables in the medical and health industry Sanitary cloths, etc.; carpets, wall coverings, tablecloths, sheets, bedspreads, curtains, scouring pads, mops, etc. in the home decoration industry; in the clothing industry: linings, adhesive linings, wadding, shaped cotton, various synthetics Leather base cloth, etc., are widely used in all walks of life.

The wide application of non-woven fabrics has promoted the development of its processing technology. Laser-cut non-woven fabrics are gradually accepted and applied by most people. The non-woven fabric laser cutting machine can realize the rapid cutting, perforating, cutting and other processes of the non-woven fabric. For some industries that require high precision, the non-woven fabric laser cutting machine can also perfectly meet the requirements.

The non-woven fabric laser cutting machine uses the computer to produce the required graphics, and through the intelligent typesetting, the material is greatly improved Through non-contact cutting, the cutting edge is smooth, flat and beautiful. The non-woven laser cutting machine is widely used in mask cloth cutting, mask cutting, cold compress sticker cutting, etc. The effect is beautiful and the efficiency is high.

Recommended model: non-woven fabric laser cutting machine

Features and advantages:

Exclusive process research and development, to avoid the problem of traditional laser cutting with yellow and black cutting edges .

High-performance motherboard, anti-interference, more sufficient data output, continuous engraving after power failure, and slope engraving.

Quick curve cutting function: Any curve can be cut quickly and continuously.

With power, frequency and speed following functions, it can effectively reduce corner cutting burrs; corner energy following technology makes sharp corner cutting technology more perfect.

The path optimization plan can be designed in the software according to the needs to shorten the processing time and improve the efficiency.

The non-woven laser cutting machine developed and produced by Suzhou Hongte Laser is mainly used in the hardware industry, advertising industry, auto parts, craft gifts and other industries.

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