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Application of laser cutting machine in construction machinery industry

by:VENTECH     2022-01-08

  The main application of laser cutting machines in the construction machinery industry is sheet metal processing, and CO2 laser cutting machines or fiber laser cutting machines are generally used. Cutting applications mainly include slender workpieces, sheet metal parts with many holes, reserved process gaps for sheet metal parts, production of sheet metal templates and drilling samples.

  The application of laser cutting machine in slender workpiece

   In addition, because the heat generated by the laser cutting machine is relatively concentrated during cutting, the heat of the workpiece is The impact area is small. The laser cutting machine in the construction machinery industry can effectively control the thermal deformation of the workpiece, especially for the thin and long workpieces that require straightness. When the length of the workpiece reaches 5500mm or more, the cutting machine itself can be used. The 'micro connection' function effectively controls the straightness of the workpiece.

  Application of laser cutting machine in sheet metal parts with many holes

  In the construction machinery industry, laser cuts round holes to face specific plates When it is thick, as long as the diameter of the round hole of the workpiece is greater than or equal to the value of the corresponding minimum diameter, and the roughness and diameter are within the guaranteed capacity of the cutting machine, the laser can be used for direct cutting, eliminating the need for drilling procedures and improving Improve labor productivity. For some workpieces with many holes, the laser dot function is used to determine the position of the hole, which saves the time for positioning holes for the subsequent hole drilling process, and also saves the production cost of the drilling template, which not only improves the production efficiency, And the accuracy of the product is improved.

The application of    laser cutting in the reserved process gap of sheet metal parts

   sheet metal The process gaps reserved for the parts are also called crack arrest grooves or process holes. In sheet metal production, the design of process gaps generally has three forms: the first is that two or more bending parts are adjacent, as shown in Figure 1; the second is that the bending part of a certain edge is partially complete in the length direction. Bend, as shown in Figure 2. For the second process gap, the traditional form is shown in Figure 2, leaving a × b rectangle, if you use a laser cutting machine to cut a slit of length a directly at this position when cutting, for some requirements For relatively tall workpieces, the laser cutting machine can be used to directly reserve the form of slitting. In the third form, when the two ends of the sheet metal part cannot be supported on the lower mold of the bending machine in a suspended position, the workpiece will deform. In this case, the laser cutting machine can be used to predict the workpiece Leave a slit to prevent the workpiece from deforming during bending. The blanking diagram and the reserved slit are shown in Figure 3.

The application of    laser cutting in the production of sheet metal templates and drilling templates

   In the construction machinery industry some sheet metal parts, for some irregular shapes For workpieces, in order to improve the accuracy and efficiency of detecting the blanks, laser cutting machines are used to make blanking detection templates, such as the support angles on the bulldozer ripper, the excavator arm and the big head plate on the boom, etc.; for some rolled plates For workpieces, it is necessary to use prototypes that match the arc to assist production and testing during workpiece production and inspection. In order to improve the accuracy of workpiece production and the efficiency of inspection, usually, laser cutting is used to produce prototypes of these workpieces, and Use the marking function of the laser cutting machine to mark the boundary between the arc and the straight edge on the template, such as the arc plate of the bulldozer, the arm of the excavator, the curved plate of the boom, and the bucket.

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