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Application of Hongte laser equipment in automobile thermoformed parts

by:VENTECH     2022-01-30

Safety is a performance indicator that people who buy a car talk about every day. When you buy a car, the sales will tell you how many airbags the car has, active brakes, and pre-collision alarms. Maybe some sales will tell you how much hot formed steel is used in this car.

Generally, hot-formed steel is mostly located in the key parts of the white body, such as door anti-collision beams, front and rear bumpers, A-pillars, B-pillars, C-pillars, roof covers, and central aisles.

Hot-formed steel can be said to be a kind of high-strength steel, but its manufacturing process is different from ordinary steel, and its yield strength and tensile strength are higher than that of ordinary steel.

The tensile strength of general high-strength steel plates is about 400-450MPa. Hot-formed steel is formed by heating. After a series of treatments, the tensile strength can be increased to 1300-1600 MPa, which is that of ordinary steel. 3-4 times.

In the process of automotive thermoformed parts processing, laser technology can be described as an indispensable, playing an important role.

Laser blanking

Blanking is the first process in hot stamping forming, which stamps the sheet out of the required outer contour blank. Because laser cutting processing does not require molds, it saves the cost of mold procurement, maintenance, and storage, and the processing speed is fast, and the processing quality is guaranteed. More importantly, the laser cutting processing of high-strength steel and aluminum alloy plates for automobiles can be easily completed. There are problems such as cracking and crushing, which can effectively improve processing efficiency.

Hongte Laser has focused on the research and development of laser equipment for 47 years and has contributed a variety of high-quality equipment to metal processing. The hot-selling product MARVEL series fiber laser cutting machine can cover 100% of the metal blanking demand and is a weapon in the metal processing industry.

Laser tailor welding

Laser tailor-welded blanks have been widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry. Laser tailor-welded blank technology enables automakers to further optimize vehicle design by combining different grades of hot forming steel to ensure that the right materials are applied to the right parts. This technology significantly improves part safety and crash performance while reducing weight.

Hongte Laser has reached a cooperation agreement with Arcelor-Mittal, the world’s largest steel mill, and tailor-made JKH steel tailor-welded online laser welding system and DF3015Pro fiber laser cutting equipment, which have been strongly supported by customers Praise.

Three-dimensional cutting

At present, laser cutting equipment is generally used for trimming and punching of automotive thermoformed parts. Laser cutting is a part of the high-strength steel production line, which is directly related to the installability of the workpiece.

The traditional edge trimming and punching mode of cold stamping requires the design of molds, and the molds are easy to wear during use, and need to be repaired and replaced frequently, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, the processing process is noisy, and the cost is high. The laser three-dimensional cutting equipment does not have these weaknesses, which effectively improves the processing efficiency.

Hongte Laser AUTOBOT series 3D laser cutting machine for automotive thermoformed parts is a three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine specially developed for the automotive thermoforming line industry. It mainly solves the problem of opening and repairing 3D metal forming parts. On the other hand, compared to the traditional Japanese carbon dioxide three-dimensional five-axis comprehensive efficiency is three to five times higher, and the use cost is more than doubled.

Laser processing has become an indispensable technology in modern automobile manufacturing. Based on the demand for lightweight automobiles, the importance of laser technology in highly automated and highly flexible production systems has gradually become prominent. Laser solutions cover automobiles All application areas in the manufacturing industry.

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