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Application of fiber laser cutting machine in kitchenware industry

by:VENTECH     2022-01-24

With the diversification of consumer demand, the kitchenware industry contains a wide range of products, ranging from hoods and stoves to small pots and pans, mostly made of stainless steel, aluminum, iron and other metal plates.

The key to creating high-quality kitchenware lies in its manufacturing process. Traditional kitchenware processing equipment is mainly based on CNC punching machines, combined with polishing, shearing and bending, and other processes. The forming and processing efficiency is extremely low, and High mold consumption and high processing costs. These problems have been plagued many kitchenware manufacturers in an environment of fierce market competition.

For kitchenware manufacturers, they are diversified and efficient Fiber laser cutting machine has unique advantages in kitchenware processing to meet the various needs of the kitchenware industry and customers

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The rise of fiber laser cutting machine promotes the development of the kitchenware industry, and it also invisibly changes people's quality of life. High-quality kitchenware creates quality of life. Fiber laser cutting machine realizes the diversification of kitchenware products and Multi-functionalization and the most pious attitude to create the most sophisticated details of life

Recommended model: CW-1530J fiber laser cutting machine


High-quality fiber laser generator, good spot quality, stable output power, high-precision, high-speed cutting.

Perfect constant temperature cooling system, lubrication system and dust removal system ensure stable, efficient and durable operation of the machine.

With auto focus height follower to keep the focal length constant. The high-precision rack and pinion transmission system is adopted, and the precision is lower than 0.05mm through the precision collimator test during installation and debugging.

Professional CAD/CAM automatic programming software and automatic nesting software are adopted to maximize the saving of raw materials.

Ultra-low operating costs, the laser consumes only 3-4 degrees per hour, and it is easy to operate.

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