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Analysis: How to control the use cost of laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-01-21

In many cases, if you don’t control the cost of using the laser cutting machine, it will incur more costs, so this is an important reason why users want to have some methods to control its cost. Let’s do it together. Analyze how to control the cost incurred in the operation of the laser cutting machine.

More than 80% of the use cost of laser cutting machine comes from the consumption of gas. As the main energy supply for laser cutting machine, CNC laser cutting machine and manual gas cutting equipment, Familiar with and understand the gas application principle of laser cutting machine will help reduce the cost of gas usage. In this regard, the Ministry of Science and Technology has summarized relevant knowledge and experience through many debugging experiences of CNC laser cutting machine equipment as follows:

First of all, you must be able to adjust the flame skillfully. The first problem is to ensure the normal cutting of the billet. If the automatic cutting cannot be completed successfully, you must manually use the manual cutting gun to re-cut again, which causes waste At the same time, manual cutting cannot guarantee the perfect cutting quality.

By solving some abnormal phenomena and cutting effects of CNC laser cutting machine processing, such as 'constant open flameFor example, to prevent air leakage on the joints and pipes to avoid waste; in addition, it is necessary to actively promote and test new technologies and new products, highlighting the emergence of new products in the cutting nozzle, the 'flame' is more perfect, the cutting effect is improved, and the cutting The seam is small and the gas consumption is relatively low.

With the increase in the amount of steel used in related industries, flame cutting has become an indispensable link in the production and processing of more and more companies. For flame cutting In addition to ensuring the necessary cutting precision, how to effectively reduce production costs and control gas consumption is becoming a concern for most companies. In terms of the relevant experience in the use of CNC laser cutting machine equipment we talked about above, only some of the problems involved in the details of the operation. From a big point of view, companies want to effectively reduce the cost of equipment use, but also need to learn from the flame Start with the principle of gas cutting.

Flame cutting, also called gas cutting, is a process of burning with oxygen/gas flame. In the first step, the temperature of the steel plate must rise to the ignition point. Then, the oxygen stream oxidizes the metal in the long and narrow area, and the slag generated during combustion is blown away by the cutting oxygen stream to form a slit.

Oxygen gas cutting can be used for carbon steel and low-alloy steel, and the thickness can reach several decimeters. The cutting quality depends on the surface condition of the material, the cutting speed and the thickness of the material.

The typical thickness of flame cutting is recommended to be in the range of 6-150MM, which is also the thickness of the cutting machine that can be achieved by the current CNC laser cutting machine; but flame cutting is the most important among many cutting methods The cutting method with the largest cutting thickness. Generally, if the cutting thickness is higher than the typical thickness, the gas path of the cutting machine, the cutting gun, the amount of oxygen and gas must be changed, and the power cannot meet the requirements and the steel cannot be cut through.

The above are some experiences in the application of automatic laser cutting machine. However, to use the automatic laser cutting machine well, you first need to master the flame of the cutting torch. The key to adjusting the flame is the gas source. Most of the oxygen on site is the pipeline oxygen. The purity and pressure of the oxygen can generally meet the requirements for use, but there is more gas. For the bottled gas supply, a 30 kg bottle of gas, in the scale of 5 machines and 5 streams, the use time is about 2 hours. In this way, the gas source must be replaced in the middle, which will lead to large fluctuations in gas pressure, which directly affects the gas flow. , Resulting in abnormal cutting.

In addition, to ensure that the current equipment is in good condition, the operating procedures should be used as the basis for regular inspections for leaks in the pipelines, joints, etc., and the bearings, pin holes, etc. should be refueled Lubrication, cleaning of cutting nozzles, cooling water pipes, etc., and completion of some routine procedural tasks can ensure normal operation, and then improve and improve the effect.

Combined with the specific equipment, large-scale flame gas cutting, such as the stripping CNC laser cutting machine, will generally be equipped with more than ten sets of flame cutting torches. Generally speaking, the straight line laser cutting machine (multi-head Laser cutting machine) is divided into the following three types, all of which are used for steel plate cutting.

1. The simplest straight strip laser cutting machine, which can evenly divide the steel plate into strips, is simple and practical, has a low price, and has always sold well.

2. In addition to the simple steel straight strip cutting function, a flame cutting gun is added in the horizontal direction, so it can cut straight and cut straight strips. The function is stronger, but in most cases, in order to save costs, users often use manual horizontal cutting. This kind of cost is more expensive than the first one.

3. CNC straight bar laser cutting machine, this is the most powerful and advanced at present, so the price is also the most expensive, except for 1 and In addition to the two main functions, there is also a powerful CNC special-shaped cutting function, which can be equipped with CNC flame and CNC plasma cutting, making it the most versatile CNC flame plasma straight cutting machine.

The above content not only shares how to control the cost of the laser cutting machine, but also introduces some of its use principles.

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