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All-aluminum furniture heats up, metal laser cutting machine conquers aluminum plates

by:VENTECH     2022-02-18

For a long time, the main raw material of furniture is wood, which not only wastes trees, but more importantly, the chemical components added in the furniture assembly process can easily cause air pollution and endanger human health.

In recent years, all-aluminum furniture is gradually growing in the furniture industry with its unique advantages and metallic appearance. All-aluminum furniture, as the name implies, all use aluminum as the material. Aluminum has a high content in the earth's crust. The raw materials are easy to obtain and easy to shape, and it is easier to process than wood.

Aluminum screen

At the same time, using aluminum as the furniture material can avoid the inherent defects of wood. The finished product is better than wood furniture. It is more durable and can adapt to various environmental temperatures without cracking and deformation. The most important thing is that aluminum furniture is fixed by welding, plugging, screws, etc., without adhesives, and there is no need to worry about formaldehyde.

In addition to the furniture industry, aluminum panels are more widely used in life, such as roadside signs, billboards, building exterior decoration, home kitchen utensils, screens, decorations, industrial fields, ships, automobiles, etc. , Can be seen the figure of the aluminum plate.

With the expansion of demand, the market has put forward higher requirements for the efficiency of aluminum sheet processing. Laser processing has the characteristics of convenience and efficiency. This is why the application range of laser cutting machines in the field of metal processing has become more and more extensive, and can cut metals The thickness also increases with the increase of power, and similar all-aluminum furniture sheets are just a piece of cake for laser cutting machines.

Advantages of using laser cutting machine:

1. The cutting seam is fine: the cutting seam of laser cutting aluminum plate is generally 0.1mm-0.2mm

2. The cutting surface is smooth: the cutting surface of laser cutting aluminum plate has no burrs and no dross

3. Small thermal deformation: laser cutting has fast processing speed and concentrated energy, so the heat transferred to the material to be cut is small, and the deformation of the material is also very small

4. Material saving: laser processing adopts computer programming. The laser equipment can cut aluminum plate processing parts of different shapes, improve the material utilization rate of aluminum plate, and save a lot of material cost

After years of practice, the application of laser cutting machines in the field of metal processing has been very mature. However, in the face of changes in demand for processed parts in recent years, the early laser cutting machines have been unable to keep up with the changes of the times.

In response to this kind of demand, HG Laser launched MARVEL6000 series fiber laser cutting machine, which can meet the requirements of aluminum plate or other metal materials, covering 100% of the blanking needs of metal materials, mastering the core light source technology, and low maintenance cost , Can solve the problem of high investment income ratio and equipment maintenance cost for growing customers.

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