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Advantages of stainless steel laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2021-12-24

The advantages of stainless steel laser cutting machine are small spot, concentrated energy and small heat affected area. It does not touch the processed workpiece and does not pollute the workpiece. It has no electromagnetic interference and is more convenient to use than electron beam processing. The laser beam is easy to focus and guide, and it is easy to control automatically. Large-scale product mold manufacturing costs are high, laser processing does not require mold manufacturing, laser processing completely avoids the collapse of the material when stamping, which can greatly reduce the production cost of the enterprise and improve the product level.

The laser cutting machine only needs to design the cutting pattern in the computer, and any complicated pattern can be imported into the worktable of the laser cutting machine, and the equipment will automatically process the whole process without manual intervention. The cutting speed is fast, the degree of automation is high, the operation is simple, and the labor intensity is low. Cut arbitrary design patterns on stainless steel. Fast speed, high precision, one-time molding, no need for subsequent processing. No mold is needed, cost saving, visible layout, close fit, saving material.

The design of the industrial master machine tool ensures the high speed and stability of the stainless steel laser cutting machine cutting process. It is equipped with fiber lasers of different powers, which can cut and perforate various metals and materials at high speed and fine processing. The dynamic focusing device can always maintain the same cutting quality during the cutting process, which is a cost-effective laser cutting machine.

Traditional cutting machines have been gradually eliminated by the market because of their cumbersome operation and slow work efficiency. Fiber laser cutting machines are now the darling of the market. Because this machine not only has more uniform and high precision in the cutting of lines, but also improves work efficiency and brings more production value.

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