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Advantages of metal laser cutting machine in the processing of chassis and electrical cabinets

by:VENTECH     2021-12-27

The computers we often use in our daily work, the cabinets we often come into contact with in our lives, the electrical cabinets at home, and the safe cabinets are all metal cabinets. Although this cabinet is inconspicuous, it plays an important role. Role. Do you know how this cabinet became what it is now? The following editor will take you to learn more about it.

Chassis cabinet refers to the cabinet processed by sheet metal processing equipment. Manufacturers of computer case room equipment, safe cabinets, and file cabinets and power distribution cabinets choose to use laser cutting equipment. They are fancying the equipment’s stability, speed, and high precision. There is no need for secondary processing of the workpiece, which can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce Cost of production. At the same time, due to the increasingly fierce market competition in the chassis and cabinet industry, products with multiple varieties and small batches are becoming more and more popular in the market. The flexible processing method of laser cutting greatly improves product quality, while also greatly shortening the development and production cycle, bringing customers Strong competitiveness.

Laser cutting uses 'beam' instead of traditional mechanical knives. The cutting speed is fast and the incision is smooth. No need for post-processing. Laser cutting is suitable for almost all types of metal materials, no matter it is simple or complex parts, it can be precisely and quickly formed at one time. Using software drawing to cooperate with cutting work, without molds, not only can realize product diversification, but also greatly reduce mold consumption.

The advantages of the metal laser cutting machine in the processing of the chassis and electrical cabinet:

No contact processing, no direct impact on the workpiece, so there is no mechanical deformation;< /p>

There is no 'tool' wear during the laser cutting machine processing process, which saves costs;

In the laser cutting machine processing process, the laser beam energy density is high, the processing speed is fast, and it is local processing. There is no or minimal impact on the non-laser irradiation part, so the thermally affected area is small, and the thermal deformation of the workpiece is small;

Because the laser beam is easy to guide, focus, and realize the direction change , It is very easy to cooperate with the numerical control system to process complex workpieces, so it is an extremely flexible processing method; it has high production efficiency, stable and reliable processing quality, and good economic and social benefits.

Traditional sheet metal processing techniques include plasma cutting, flame cutting, and punching, but traditional processing techniques have failed to meet people's aesthetic requirements. Nowadays, laser cutting has been used freely by major sheet metal processing On the one hand, the processing efficiency and processing speed of the laser cutting machine are fast. On the other hand, the samples cut by the laser cutting machine are as smooth as a mirror and do not require secondary processing, which is also helpful to the sales of sheet metal manufacturers. So, the laser cutting machine is applied to the cabinet cutting.

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