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Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-03-06

With the development of the times, many manufacturers have chosen more advanced fiber laser cutting machines. Compared with traditional cutting devices, this cutting machine has greater advantages, that is, noise and dust, etc., but underwater The fiber laser cutting machine does not have this concern, and the cutting effect will not be affected, which is beneficial to the development of the enterprise.

Underwater fiber laser cutting machine must be equipped with anti-collision device or arc voltage automatic height adjustment device when working. When fiber laser cutting machine, the water surface is very turbid due to the impact of arc ignition and cutting gas. , The naked eye can't see the position of the cutting torch and the height of the cutting torch from the steel plate. During the cutting process, if the deformed steel plate is raised, it will collide with the cutting torch, causing the torch to break or damage. When cutting, the horizontal plane The height from the steel plate is 3-5mm.
Advantages of underwater cutting: The beam adopts a wide-body reinforced box structure with a beautiful appearance. The end frame adopts a low-center-of-gravity structure, with symmetrical structure and good stability. All welding is stress-relieved to ensure the overall rigidity and good dynamic balance.

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