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Acrylic opens a new way-acrylic laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-01-27

Many people asked 'Can the laser cutting machine cut acrylic sheets' and the answer is yes-of course, and the effect is still quite good. As a material widely used in the advertising industry, acrylic has a very wide market penetration rate. Therefore, The cutting quality and effect of acrylic sheets are valued by the processing industry. One of the most widely used machines is the acrylic laser cutting machine. Laser cutting is a non-contact type of cutting, which has little effect on the material itself, cuts quickly, and is an efficient cutting method.

Compared with the traditional machine processing acrylic sheet, the acrylic sheet cut by the acrylic laser cutting machine has smooth edges without burrs, no need for post-processing, reducing production procedures, high cutting efficiency and high precision. It is suitable for all kinds of special-shaped cutting of acrylic sheets, and it can cut multiple shapes at the same time. It is easy to operate, save raw materials, and greatly reduce labor costs.

The conventional cutting area of u200bu200bthe acrylic laser cutting machine commonly used by Zhite is 1.3m*1m, 1.6m*1m, and the bigger one is 1.3m*2.5m, 1.5m*3m, and the specifications are various. Choose the right model according to your needs. The company also supports model customization, which can be customized according to needs.

Whether it is acrylic billboard cutting, acrylic cosmetic box cutting or acrylic booth cutting, acrylic laser cutting machine can achieve fast and efficient cutting, so the question about whether the laser cutting machine can cut acrylic sheet is obvious ,OK.

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