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20 operating specifications for fiber laser cutting machines

by:VENTECH     2022-03-09

As a kind of mechanical equipment, laser cutting machine inevitably has some mechanical failures, and it is still very dangerous when failures occur. In order to ensure the safety when operating the laser cutting machine, the operator must undergo professional training to perform independent operation. Below, I will summarize the operating specifications of 20 laser cutting machines:

1. Comply with the safety operating regulations of general cutting machines, and start the laser in strict accordance with the laser start procedure

2. The operator must be trained, familiar with the structure and performance of the equipment, and master the knowledge of the operating system

3. Wear labor protection equipment according to regulations, and you must wear prescribed protective glasses near the laser beam

4. Do not process a material before it is clear whether it can be irradiated or heated by laser, so as to avoid the potential danger of smoke and steam

5. When the equipment is started, the operator shall not leave the post or be taken care of without authorization. If it is necessary to leave, the operator should stop the machine or cut off the power switch

6. Keep the fire extinguisher within easy reach; turn off the laser or shutter when not processing; do not place paper, cloth or other flammable materials near the unprotected laser beam

7. When an abnormality is found during the processing, the machine should be shut down immediately, and the fault should be eliminated or reported to the supervisor in time

8. Keep the laser, the bed and the surrounding area clean, orderly, free of oil, and stack the workpieces, plates, and waste materials according to regulations

9. When using gas cylinders, avoid crushing the welding wires to avoid leakage accidents. The use and transportation of gas cylinders shall comply with the gas cylinder supervision regulations. Do not expose gas cylinders to the sun or close to heat sources. When opening the bottle valve, the operator must stand on the side of the bottle mouth

10. Fixed cutting material. Fix the material to be cut on the working surface of the laser cutting machine

11. According to the material and thickness of the metal plate, adjust the equipment parameters accordingly

12. Choose the right lens and nozzle, and check it before starting the machine to check its integrity and cleanliness

13. Adjust the focus. Adjust the cutting head to the proper focus position

14. Check and adjust the nozzle center

15. Cutting head sensor calibration

16. Choose the right cutting gas and check if it is intact

17. Try to cut the material. After cutting the material, check whether the cutting end surface is smooth and check the cutting accuracy. If there are any errors, please adjust the equipment parameters accordingly until it is proved to meet the requirements

18. Prepare workpiece drawings and make corresponding layouts, and import them into the equipment cutting system

19. Adjust the position of the cutting head and start cutting

20. Check the cutting quality and accuracy of the first sample; pay attention to checking the size of the auxiliary gas and gas pressure. If the gas is insufficient, it needs to be replaced in time

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