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2-year-old\'s head was stuck between pillars. welding machine saved her

by:VENTECH     2020-03-03
In an abnormal eventyear-
Police said on Friday that the little girl\'s head was stuck while playing between the steel columns at the train station, which had to be cut with a welder to release her.
Police said Keerthana was playing on the platform at tiruuttani railway station, and she put her head into the gap between the pillars and was unable to take it out.
Hearing the girl cry, her parents came to the scene and tried to bend the steel structure to release her but couldn\'t do it.
They reminded the railway police that they used the welder to cut the post without hurting the girl and gently let the child out.
They said Keerthan and her parents came from the village of Sirukumi at the time of the incident and were on their way to Tirupathi.
Police said it took about an hour for the whole operation.
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