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1000w tube-sheet integrated fiber cutting machine price _ how much is a manufacturer quotation

by:VENTECH     2022-03-09

Which manufacturer of integrated tube-sheet fiber laser cutting machine is better? It has become a problem that many consumers are concerned about. Nowadays, the tube-sheet integrated fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in the market. How to choose a suitable light cutting machine has become a difficult problem for consumers. The plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine uses a fiber laser to output a high-energy-density laser beam and focuses it on the surface of the workpiece to instantly melt and vaporize the area irradiated by the ultra-fine focus spot on the workpiece. Realize automatic cutting. It is a high-tech equipment integrating advanced fiber laser technology, numerical control technology, and precision mechanical technology.

Product features:

·The plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine can not only meet the customers' cutting requirements for flat plates, but also meet the cutting of various types of special-shaped tubes such as round tubes and square tubes. ·The fixed grip design can realize the rapid adjustment of different pipe materials, so as to realize the high-precision products in the processing process. ·The machine tool is equipped with different professional chuck fixtures, which can be precisely processed for pipes of different shapes and sizes. ·It can process square pipes, round pipes, and rectangular pipes that are common in the market, and round pipes can realize the import function of plane drawing.

Technical parameters:

Serial number

Product introduction

Technical parameters


Machine model




Wuhan Ruike Fiber Laser Generator


Laser power (W)



Small line width



Repeat positioning accuracy



Pulse frequency



Processing range (mm)

3000×1500, 4000x1500, 6000x1500, 4000x2000, 6000x2000


Cutting thickness

Depends on the thickness of the material


Maximum running speed



Transmission mode

Screw or rack and pinion


Control system



Aim positioning

CCD or red light


The power consumption of the whole machine



Power demand



Dimensions (L×W×H)



Cutting pipe diameter range

120mm, 150mm, 250mm

Sample display:

Application range:

The equipment can effectively cut round, square, and rectangular tubes , Oval tube, parallel oval tube, D-shaped tube and other styles of pipes.

Main processing materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, galvanized sheet, various alloy sheets, rare metals, etc.

Industry used: sheet metal industry, kitchenware industry, elevator mobile phone industry, advertising industry, chassis and cabinet industry, machinery parts processing industry, precision processing industry, automobile manufacturing industry, daily light industry industry, agricultural machinery and food Machinery industry, hardware sanitary ware industry, etc.

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