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1000W/2000W/3000W metal fiber laser cutting machine cutting thickness, speed and cost

by:VENTECH     2022-03-09

How thick can the 1000W/2000W/3000W fiber laser cutting machine cut? How about the cutting speed of the 1000W/2000W/3000W laser cutting machine? How much does the 1000W/2000W/3000W metal laser cutting machine cost per hour? We want to buy a laser Cutting machine, but still eager to know some specific parameters about laser cutting machine, especially those who used traditional processing equipment before, and now want to switch to laser cutting machine, it is even more confused! What kind of material, How much power and how thick can it be cut? What is the cutting cost that users care about? Next, Wuhan Hongte Laser will give you a brief introduction to the parameters of various power fiber laser cutting machines. :

1. Cutting thickness of different materials laser cutting machine

1. Cutting thickness of different materials of 1000W fiber laser cutting machine:

Ruike 1000W cutting parameter material thickness speed ( m/min) Air pressure (MPA) gas cutting height stainless steel 0.5>241N20.6117~21>1.1N20.625.4~7.2>1.5N20.632.1~3>2.0N20.640.8~1.5>2.0N20.650.6~0.9>2.0N20 .6 Carbon 115~181O2125.1~60.5~0.8O2133.5~4.20.25~0.4O2142.3~2.70.15~0.2O2151.7~2.10.15~0.2O2161.2~1.80.10~0.15O2180. 9~1.10.10~0.15O21100.6~0.720.10~0.15O21

2, 2000W fiber laser cutting machine cutting thickness of different materials:

Ruike 2000W cutting parameter material thickness speed (m/min) air pressure (MPA) Gas cutting height stainless steel 0.5>301N20.6124~27>1.1N20.629~11>1.5N20.635.1~6>2.0N20.643~3.6>2.0N20.651.5~2.1>2.0N20.660.9~1.2 >2.080.5~0.6>2.0 Carbon steel 34.2~4.81O2153~3.30.5~0.8O2162.1~2.70.25~0.4O2181.2~1.80.15~0.2O21101.1~1.50.15~0.2O21120.96 ~1.20.10~0.15O21140.9~1.10.10~0.15O21160.78~0.90.10~0.15O21200.6~0.720.10~0.15O21

3, 3000W fiber laser cutting machine, cutting thickness of different materials: carbon Steel material speed 35m/min; stainless steel material speed 35m/mi n; The speed of aluminum plate material is 43m/min; the speed of copper plate material is 35m/min; The cutting speed of 1000W fiber laser cutting machine for different materials: carbon steel speed 24m/min; stainless steel speed 24m/min; aluminum plate speed 10m/min; copper plate speed 10m/min;

2, 2000W fiber laser cutting machine is different Material cutting speed: carbon steel speed 28m/min; stainless steel speed 28m/min; aluminum plate speed 25m/min; copper plate speed 16m/min;

3, 3000W fiber laser cutting machine different materials cutting speed: carbon steel Speed u200bu200b35m/min; stainless steel speed 35m/min; aluminum plate speed 43m/min; copper plate speed 35m/min;

3. Cost of use of different power/different gases

1, 1000W The cost of using air for fiber laser cutting machine: 24 yuan/h; the cost of using oxygen: 21 yuan/h; the cost of using nitrogen gas: 35 yuan/h;

2, the cost of using air for 2000W fiber laser cutting machine: 32 RMB/h; Cost of using oxygen: RMB 23/h; Cost of using nitrogen: RMB 41/h;

3. Air cost of 3000W fiber laser cutting machine: RMB 41/h; Cost of using oxygen: 33 RMB/h; Cost of using nitrogen: 51 RMB/h;

Introduction of Raycus

Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Raycus Laser”, stock code: 300747), the company is a It is a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Program specializing in the research and development, production and sales of fiber lasers and their key components and materials. It has a national key field innovation team for high-power fiber lasers and a national and local joint engineering research center for fiber laser technology. It is globally influential Lide is a fiber laser Ru0026D, production and service provider with vertical integration capabilities from materials, devices to complete machines. The company's main business includes providing various types of fiber laser products and application solutions for laser manufacturing equipment integrators, and providing customers with technology research and development services and customized products.

The above are the parameters of the fiber laser cutting machine for different materials, different powers, and different thickness laser cutting machines. I hope to help you.

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