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With a laser cutting machine, complex metal patterns are so easy

by:VENTECH     2022-02-16

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the continuous improvement of their quality of life, people’s material requirements are also getting higher and higher. They not only need good quality, but also personalized product design, and innovative ideas. Is indispensable.

Especially the current lighting industry, as an indispensable part of home decoration, now more and more lighting designers like to make a fuss on the lampshade, especially table lamps, the designers' imagination Play, paint on the lamp, each lamp is a piece of artistic silhouette, decorating a unique artistic atmosphere.

And now the mainstream processing method-laser cutting machine, is constantly giving the current lighting industry more possibilities, not only can adapt to stainless steel, aluminum veneer, brass and copper and other highly reflective materials, but also With the characteristics of moldless processing, it can well meet the requirements of small batch customization in the current lighting industry.

Laser cut metal lampshade

Laser cut metal lampshade

Laser processing is different from traditional processing methods. Laser processing uses a high-energy density laser beam to irradiate the surface of the processed product, so that the surface of the processed product reaches the melting point or boiling point under the irradiation of the high-energy density laser beam. The high-pressure gas is then used to blow away the melted or vaporized materials, and the entire processing process is controlled by computer software.

The laser cutting machine has fast processing speed, high precision, and is not limited to patterns in the process of processing. This allows lighting products not only to be designed according to individual needs, but also through laser cutting technology. The original cold and hard metal suddenly turned into a pattern full of vitality. The metal hollow carvings, the shape and size can be manipulated at will, giving more possibilities for lighting design.

Hua Gong Laser MARVEL6000 series fiber laser cutting machine has ultra-high cutting efficiency. It can cut 600 round holes with a diameter of 2mm per minute on 1mm plates, and at the same time covers 100% of the blanking requirements of metal materials. It has an ultra-high cost performance. Any complicated pattern can be easily solved in front of it, and it is the best choice for metal lighting and even sheet metal processing.

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