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Why are laser cutting machines so popular in the sheet metal processing industry?

by:VENTECH     2022-02-13

Guide: Nowadays, more and more metal processing industries are gradually introducing laser cutting machines. According to incomplete statistics, two out of every five sheet metal processing centers will use laser cutting machines. The impact of the entire metal processing industry is huge. What makes the laser cutting process so optimistic is related to its processing characteristics.

Laser cutting processing features

1. Fine-laser processing penetrates the material and cuts fine seams. The workpiece is cut according to the design procedure, with high dimensional accuracy, and it can cut sharp angles and narrow seams.

2. Smooth-the cut has no burrs, good verticality, no deformation of the seam edge, no heat-affected zone, and the bright cut edge can be directly tailor-welded to shape.

3. Fast-the focused laser beam has a small spot, concentrated energy, high power density, just like a sharp knife, and fast cutting speed.

Laser cutting processing object

1. Except for gold, silver, and copper with high light reflectivity, most materials can be cut by laser, which is most suitable for carbon steel and stainless steel.

2. All kinds of mechanical manufacturing sheet metal parts processed by blanking in medium and small batches.

3. Laser cutting is an ideal choice for new product prototypes that are economically uneconomical or time is too late to open the mold.

4. Complex shapes and multi-variety workpieces.

5. Materials and workpieces that cannot be processed by conventional cutting methods or that cannot meet the quality requirements.

6. Work, quantity, cutting tools and various metal and non-metallic fonts, graphic decorations, but PVC and other toxic vapor materials are not suitable.

Features of metal laser cutting processing

1. High material utilization: the minimum slit width can be 0.1mm, generally in the range of 0.1~0.3. It can be used for precision machining, with high precision and convenient cutting.

2. Small heat-affected zone: generally within the range of 0.1~0.15mm, the deformation of the workpiece is small.

3. Laser cutting has no mechanical stress and surface damage.

4. The quality of the cutting section is good.

5. The incision can be carried out in any direction, and it can be cut from any point. 6. The laser cutting speed is fast and efficient.

6. No tool wear and no mold required for fine processing.

7. High degree of automation: easy to use.

8. Low noise and no pollution.

Now the fiber laser cutting machine has gradually been accepted by more processing companies and has become the main driving force for the development of sheet metal processing.

FARLEY·LASERLAB brand under Wuhan Farley Welding System Engineering Co., Ltd., focuses on the Ru0026D and production of laser cutting machines. The company has launched a series of high-precision laser cutting machines for the sheet metal processing industry, which have been successfully applied to the market and have brought substantial benefits to customers.

Recommended model 1: DF3015Pro fiber laser cutting machine

Product introduction: DF3015Pro CNC fiber laser cutting machine adopts German imported CNC system, high-performance AC servo drive and motor, and the overall use of gantry structure machine tools, high-performance cast aluminum beams, is a collection of laser technology, mechanical technology, CNC High-tech products integrating advanced technologies such as technology.

Large-format sheet metal with a processing width of not more than 4m×2m

Recommended model 2: DF3015Plus fiber laser cutting machine

Product introduction: DF3015Plus CNC fiber laser cutting machine adopts integral gantry structure machine tool, bilateral drive, high-strength aluminum alloy beam, German CNC, drive, motor, precision linear guide and helical gear transmission system. The equipment has good overall rigidity and stable performance, which is a concentrated expression of high speed, high precision, high efficiency and high cost performance.

Metal plate with a processing width of no more than 3m×1.5m and a cutting thickness of no more than 20mm

Recommended model 3: GF3015 fiber laser cutting machine

Product introduction: GF3015 adopts gantry structure machine tool, aluminum alloy beam, high-precision grinding gear rack linear guide transmission system, and the CNC system adopts German professional laser cutting CNC system, which is a collection of laser technology, mechanical technology, and CNC. High-tech products integrating advanced technologies such as technology.

Metal medium and thin plates with a processing width of not more than 3 meters × 1.5 meters and a cutting thickness of not more than 16mm

If you are a customer in the sheet metal processing industry, you can choose the most suitable laser cutting machine based on your specific processing needs. If you have any questions, you can contact us and we will have a professional engineer to answer you in detail for free. Consultation Hotline

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