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Why are fiber laser cutting machines used more and more now

by:VENTECH     2022-03-08

The name fiber laser cutting machine is now more and more appearing in people’s ears and sights. With the rapid development of science and technology, many products brought by scientific progress have brought us both production and life. A lot of convenience, different from traditional cutting machines, some of the traditional cutting machines in the past are still manual cutting, which is quite laborious to use, and the effect achieved is not very satisfactory. The cutting is not neat and the speed is slow. The reason why traditional cutting machines are eliminated.

First of all, like the current developed Internet network, digitalization is used in many productions. Fiber laser cutting machines are also used for digitalization operations. The computer system is used to control the mechanical system for cutting operations. Remote control can complete the precise cutting work. At the same time, the cutting effect achieved by this new cutting machine is also incomparable with the traditional cutting machine. The flatness and regularity are improved by many grades. It is worth mentioning that this cutting machine is also in line with the current theme of energy saving and environmental protection. It can not only complete production tasks with high efficiency, but also contribute to green environmental protection.

Secondly, the fiber laser cutting machine has another advantage, that is, the use of fiber cutting can reduce dust, and general cutting will also cause a lot of dust pollution. Operators Long-term inhalation can cause health problems, and fiber cutting can avoid this problem. In addition to the industrial field, many medical fields, aviation, and other fields that require delicate operations are now useful for fiber cutting. It can also cut many different shapes and different angles, and the multi-function operation is simple.

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