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What should I do if the cutting capacity of the fiber laser cutting machine decreases?

by:VENTECH     2022-01-25

   Fiber laser cutting machines have good applications in all walks of life. Many companies have used laser cutting for several years, but the cutting effect and cutting ability of fiber laser cutting machines are not as good as before. So why does this happen? What is the solution? Hongte Laser will analyze and introduce for everyone below.

  The reason for the decrease in cutting performance of fiber laser cutting machine:

   focus position, focus position Affect the cutting progress. The diameter of the focal spot should be as small as possible to produce a narrow slit. If the cutting performance decreases, the focus position can be adjusted The higher the speed

  The distance between the nozzle and the workpiece and the nozzle also affect the cutting effect, too far will cause energy waste, too close, will affect the splash The suitable distance for the dispersal of the cutting product is 0.8mm.

  Laser power, after long-term use of fiber laser cutting machine, the laser power will attenuate and decrease, which will directly affect the cutting performance.

   In addition, improper operation, long-term load production, long-term failure to maintain, etc. will cause the performance of the fiber laser cutting machine to decline, and the cutting effect will be compromised. The performance degradation of fiber laser cutting machine is obvious, how to slow down the speed?

   1. Pay attention to the maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine. The processing time of fiber laser cutting machine is long, and many parts will be worn out. Obviously, it will affect the performance of processing equipment. Maintenance is very important. For the wearing parts, they should be replaced frequently; the optical components should be wiped clean after use to maintain cleanliness; the bearings should be regularly oiled to maintain the flexibility and processing accuracy of the drive.

  2. Standard operation of fiber laser cutting machine. The fiber laser cutting machine should be operated by a dedicated person. Before getting started, it should be trained by professionals: it is very important to correctly execute the switch machine sequence, be familiar with each switch panel button, and operate the fiber laser cutting machine correctly. Specialized operation is not only conducive to the normal operation of the fiber laser cutting machine, but also reduces the probability of safety accidents.

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