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What products can the metal laser cutting machine do?

by:VENTECH     2022-02-22

Metal material fiber laser cutting is a kind of optical mechatronics equipment that uses laser to laser cut metal composite materials. It has been widely used in airlines, aerospace, electronic devices, household appliances, subway station parts, Cars, mechanical equipment, fine parts, freighters, metallurgical equipment, elevator cars, electrical products, craft products, special tool production and processing, decoration design, advertising and other metal sheet production and processing fields.

Most of today's fiber laser cutting can be divided into CO2 fiber laser cutting, fiber line fiber laser cutting, and YAG fiber laser cutting. Among them, fiber-optic fiber laser cutting has been popular in recent years. Due to its low relative technical standards, it has gradually become popular for fiber laser cutting of metal materials. Everyone’s apple tree workshop happens to use fiber optic fiber laser cutting.

Basic principle of fiber laser cutting for metal materials

Fiber laser cutting for metal materials uses a laser diode to shine, and then uses a reflective lens and a condenser to focus the light source reflective surface and focus on the top of the laser head. According to the strong light after the focus point, it is sent to the raw material that must be laser cut or hand-engraved, so that it can melt quickly due to the high temperature to achieve the purpose of laser cutting and hand-engraving. In the whole process of laser cutting, auxiliary vapor suitable for cutting off the raw material is added. When steel laser cutting, co2 is used as an auxiliary vapor and molten metal material to cause an exothermic reaction to chemically change the air to oxidize the raw material, and to assist in blowing away the slag in the slit. The auxiliary vapor entering the nozzle can also cool the focal point lens, preventing dust from entering the lens seat and polluting the spectacle lens and causing the spectacle lens to overheat.

Advantages and characteristics of fiber laser cutting for metal materials

Compared with other thermal laser cutting methods, fiber laser cutting has the general characteristics of faster laser cutting speed and high quality. In fact, it can be summarized into the following levels.

(1) Laser cutting is cost-effective

Because the laser has a small spot, high specific energy, and faster laser cutting speed, fiber laser cutting can get good laser cutting quality.

①The fiber laser cutting wound is narrow, the two sides of the slit are parallel and vertical to the surface, and the precision of the laser cutting parts can reach ±0.05mm.

②The laser cutting surface is smooth and beautiful, with a roughness of only tens of microns, and even fiber laser cutting can be used as the final process without mechanical processing, and the parts can be used immediately.

③After the raw material is cut by fiber laser, the total width of the thermal hazard zone is not large, the characteristics of the raw materials around the slit are almost unaffected, and the deformation of the product workpiece is small, the laser cutting is high-precision, and the geometry of the slit The graphics look good, and the slit cross-section looks like a standard square.

(2) Laser cutting speed is faster

The raw material does not need to be clamped and fixed during fiber laser cutting, which not only saves the fixture tooling, but also saves the auxiliary time of loading and cutting.

(3) Non-contact laser cutting

The cutting torch does not touch the product workpiece during fiber laser cutting, and there will be no wear and tear of special tools. To produce and process different parts, there is no need to dismantle or replace the 'CNC bladeThe whole process of fiber laser cutting has low noise, low vibration and zero pollution.

Contemporary fiber laser cutting technology for metal materials has been very perfect, and it has gradually become the 'treasure knife' that everyone imagines to 'cut iron like mud' in pursuit of perfection.

Metal Material Fiber Laser Cutting Art and Creativity Museum

As long as you have ideas and artistic creativity, fiber laser cutting can make all kinds of artworks!

Various parts

Metal material laser cutting decoration design

Metal material Craft products

The above are the common applications of metal laser cutting, do you understand?

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